Why Do I Always Feel Sad And Lonely?

By BetterHelp Editorial Team|Updated May 3, 2022

Feelings of loneliness can come and go as everyone experiences loneliness at different points in their lives and this isn’t unusual in any way. However, some people have it more difficult where they feel lonely and sad all the time. If you’ve been going through some issues in your life and you’re feeling like your loneliness never truly goes away, you may want to address this issue. Consulting with your doctor can be a beneficial first step. Keep reading to learn more about feeling lonely and sad.


Lack of Social Contact

A lack of social activity can cause a person to start feeling lonely and sad. If you’re feeling lonely, then it’s plausible that it could be because you’re just in need of some social contact. Some people don’t have a lot of friends due to moving to a new area or they might not be good at meeting new people. Humans are social creatures and it’s natural to crave social contact if you haven’t had it in quite some time. In modern times, it’s easy to live your life without seeing anyone face-to-face. This can create social dilemmas for people and this is especially true for those who work from home and aren’t married.

It might be possible to turn things around if you’re able to initiate social contact. Your sadness could just be a natural response to not spending time with others. It’s normal to feel lonely if you’re spending most of your time alone. It might not be quite as normal if you’re feeling lonely despite having others around you. In this case, you might need to try to develop skills through therapy to be able to enjoy more meaningful social interactions. It’s important to have a support system in place and everyone should have a small circle of friends that they can count on no matter what.

Something Bad Happened

Many people start feeling sad and lonely after something bad happened in their lives. For example, someone that you love might have passed away recently. You could have even just lost a pet. These situations are going to have an impact on you emotionally and you need to be able to process them. If you don’t take the time to grieve or deal with your emotions, then it’s not going to be easy to stop feeling lonely or sad. Reaching out to others for help might be the best way to respond.

Going through a tough time in life can make you feel lonely and sad. This is true whether you’ve experienced a loss and it can also occur when you’re having a stressful time at work. Dealing with stress isn’t always simple and sometimes stress can even make you feel a bit depressed. If this seems to be how you feel all the time, then maybe you haven’t been dealing with stress well for a long time. There are many potential reasons why someone might feel this way and it’s good to acknowledge things while being open to getting help.

Someone Moved Away

People feel lonely when others that they’re close to move away as well. This happens when parents see their children off to college and it’s going to happen when your friend moves to take a job in another state. Major life events such as this can cause someone to feel sad and lonely more often than usual. If you’re feeling sad and lonely more often than you usually do, then you probably need to seek help. Mental health is important and knowing the exact cause of your sadness isn’t always as important as recognizing that you need assistance. Getting help for this type of depression can mean the difference between getting things back on track and continuing to have the depression worsen.

Arguments with Friends

Arguments with friends could make you feel lonely and sad, too. Did you have a fight with a friend at some point in the past? Perhaps this created a rift that you haven’t been able to mend since the fight occurred. If you don’t have a lot of friends, then this one argument could wind up being very significant to you. Not having your friend to talk to could be contributing to your loneliness and feeling sad would be natural. It’s possible that you could try to fix things and improve your relationship with this individual.

You might be surprised by how often stubbornness will prevent two people from making up after an argument. Even best friends will have issues with each other sometimes and it isn’t healthy to not be able to disagree. If an argument with a friend has put you in a position where you’re feeling sad and lonely, then don’t hesitate to reach out. There’s a chance that your friend feels similarly bad and that making up would be a good thing for both of you.

Romance Problems

Romance problems can lead to loneliness and sadness just as much as any of the other things mentioned so far. In fact, you might feel lonely right now because your life doesn’t have as much romance as you’d like. You could have many supportive friends and loving family members and still feel lonely. This can be brought on from a type of depression that stems from a lack of romance. Longing for a romantic connection with someone special is completely normal and not being able to find a connection is hard.

There are times when people will feel a constant sense of sadness or loneliness after breaking up with someone. You might have experienced love in the past and lost it due to certain circumstances. You haven’t been able to move on since then and this is making you feel lonely and sad all the time. A depression like this is tough to cope with when you don’t know how to approach it. This is why it’s so necessary to get professional help when you’re dealing with depression.

Understanding Depression

If you’re feeling lonely and sad most of the time, then you are likely dealing with some type of depression. As mentioned above, people normally feel sad sometimes and they might feel lonely at different times, too. However, these feelings pass eventually and they usually don’t stick around for too long. The difference between a depressed person and someone who isn’t dealing with depression is that the feelings don’t always just go away. Someone who is coping with depression might feel a sense of sadness just beneath the surface at all times. Depression is different for everyone and your experience might differ. It’s just important to know that depression can be a serious issue and that you don’t have to face it alone.

Many people who are going through depression will feel lonely even if they have other people around them. Depression sort of clouds your vision and it makes you feel sad even when there isn’t a reason to. It can be frustrating because you might want to accomplish certain things but will feel like you’re being held back by depression. This is why you should take the time to speak to a doctor about your experiences. The doctor will be able to determine what type of depression you’re dealing with and you can then look into treatment options.

There are various treatment options that can help you to cope with depression. Loneliness and depression might be helped by taking certain antidepressant medications. Other treatment options include going to therapy and attending support groups. You can decide which treatment option is going to work best for you with the guidance of your doctor. It’ll be possible to alleviate depression symptoms when you work together. If you know that this sadness and loneliness is not something that you can cope with alone, then please don’t wait to talk to your doctor about what can be done.

Therapy is Useful

Therapy is useful when someone is trying to cope with depression. Feeling lonely is something that you can get through with the help of a skilled therapist. You can learn about depression and will be able to start to process your thoughts and feelings. Feeling lonely is natural sometimes, but there might be times where your depression is making you feel lonely artificially. A therapist can teach you coping mechanisms and they will also give you someone that you can reach out to whenever you feel lonely or vulnerable.

If you want to get to feeling better, then therapy is going to be a perfect solution. You can even look into online therapy if you’d like to get help without leaving the house. For some people who are dealing with loneliness and sadness, it’s the most convenient way to get assistance. It’s an affordable therapy option that has been able to help many people in similar situations. Both traditional therapy and online therapy are great treatment options that you know you can count on whenever you’re ready.

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