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Phobia translates to “fear.” However, a phobia is an extreme version of a fear where the person who is “phobic” is exceptionally terrified of a specific person, place, animal, object, or situation. For example, arachnophobia is the fear of spiders. Someone with a regular fear of spiders may not want them in the house or ask someone else to take them out. However, someone with a phobia of spiders may scream and cry if they see a spider and have nightmares about these animals after thinking of one.  

Someone afraid of heights might be frightened of flying on an airplane. Someone with a phobia of heights may have panic attacks when on a high bridge or watching a video about a tower. Fears and phobias are related but are not the same. A person develops a phobia when their fear reaches a point that it causes significant dysregulation and avoidance, which may impact daily functioning and well-being. 

The articles in this section focus on how fear can negatively impact one’s life and make it difficult to function. You can learn about unique phobias and ways to overcome these phobias with therapy, medication, lifestyle changes, and professional support.


It is possible to overcome phobias
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