How Do I Get A Girl To Breakup with Her Boyfriend and Should I?

By Nicola Kirkpatrick

Updated January 29, 2019

Reviewer Christy B.

Does your mirror reflect the kind of sexy that you know you once had? Guess what? It's still in there somewhere! You just might need to make a few internal and external changes to bring it back to the surface. Keep reading to learn how to be seductive and still be yourself.

What's Motivating You to Feel Less Than Sexy?

Look beyond the image in the mirror and try to discover what it is that's causing you to feel this way. Be truthful. Be objective. Have you put on a few pounds? Did your significant other cheats on you? Are you having financial troubles? Were you turned down for a job or promotion? Finding the answers to these questions can help to get you out of your slump and help you get your sexy back. The certified counselors at are standing by to help you figure things out.


How to Be Seductive and Still Be Yourself on the Inside

Do you know that something as simple as smiling can transform how you feel? Smiling releases neuropeptides that send messages to your neurons to communicate a sense of happiness and contentment to the rest of your body. If physical pain is causing you to feel like less than your best, smiling releases endorphins that act as a natural pain reliever. Endorphins can also lower your heart rate and blood pressure to alleviate your stress.

If you want others to notice your seductiveness, make sure your smile is genuine. Studies have shown that smiling attracts people to you and they know when you're faking it. Adding eye contact to a genuine smile will get most everyone's attention.

How to Be Seductive and Still Be Yourself on the Outside

Take a look at some photos of yourself at a time when you felt amazing. What's different now? Did you have an attractive haircut? Were you paying more attention to your wardrobe?

You don't have to go over the top to make an impactful change to your appearance. Make a list of things that you could change and then pick just one small change. Ladies, brighten your lip color, get a manicure, or get your eyebrows waxed. Accessorize with a scarf or some tactful jewelry. Men, clean up with a new haircut, get a fresh shave, or treat yourself to a pedicure. Try a new cologne or aftershave for a change of pace.

Small changes on the outside will transform how you feel on the inside.


Be Confident

You would be amazed at how seductive confidence is. A confident individual is sure of themselves; they carry themselves with confidence and are unafraid to speak out and makes moves. Many people try to fake confidence or pretend to feel good about themselves, but true confidence is something which can be sensed. Most people are able to tell when someone is feigning confidence and certainty in themselves. If you truly want to be seductive and attractive to desirable mates, then you're going to want to make sure that you're feeling good about who you are first. This may seem almost absurdly basic, but it is truly effective.

If you are struggling with achieving confidence, there are several steps which you can take to remedy this issue. First and foremost, you'll want to focus on improving and bettering yourself. Doing this is not a sign of weakness and it does not mean that anything is wrong with you. Instead, bettering yourself means working on your insecurities and improving the things which are preventing you from being truly confident and certain in who you are and what you bring to the table.

Show Interest in Your Love Interest

If you want to be seductive, you'll certainly want to show some interest in your love interest or the person whose affections you are hoping to gain. This can be done in a variety of ways from asking about their day, their work, their personal interests, and other things about them. Doing so is seductive because it shows that you are a caring and considerate individual. When you show that you are actually interested in the other person, it makes them likelier to open up to you and share more about themselves. This is critical, especially if you're serious about being in a real, long-term committed relationship. Of course, your love interest should also return the favor and show fascination in the things which contribute to your life and who you are as a human being.


Don't Shy Away from Conversations about Intimacy

When you are in a committed relationship with someone, conversations about intimacy are inevitable. When these talks do come up, it's important not to shy away from them. Finding out what your partner likes, talking to them about what you like, etc are critical parts of being seductive. Not only is this seductive, but it's also a critical aspect of strengthening your relationship and bond as a couple. Intimate conversations can also be very insightful and help you learn more about your partner which you were not previously aware of. Be open to having these discussions at the proper times. Release yourself of any fears or worries which you may have. You will definitely thank yourself later.

When regarding conversations about intimacy, it's critical for you to know that timing is everything. When and where you choose to bring up such a topic matters greatly; as a matter of fact, it can easily determine whether or not the discussion is successful or not. It can also impact your intimate experiences with your significant other. Ideally, conversations about intimacy should be brought up at a time when both you and your partner are alone, not busy or preoccupied, and in good moods. Making sure that these criteria are lined up will virtually guarantee that the discussion goes over well.

Digitally Disconnect and Make a Personal Connection

Internal and external changes make you feel like your best self which easily translates to being seductive. Don't forget that being seductive is about making a personal connection with people. Make a date to see your special someone in person. Shut off the cell phones or leave them at home so that you can devote your full attention to the person you are with.

When you feel your best and look your best, that genuine smile comes easy. Your partner and everyone else in your presence are sure to notice that you are seductive and still very much yourself.

If you are struggling to be seductive and still be yourself, then there is no shame in reaching out for outside assistance. Here at BetterHelp, we have a team of counselors and therapists; based on your needs and concerns, we would be more than happy to put you in contact with the right professional. We pride ourselves on being of help to anyone who reaches out to us. You can get into contact with a licensed professional at any time by clicking here.

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