How To Attract Women And Improve Your Love Life

Updated October 22, 2018

Reviewer Christy B.

Feeling lonely and unwanted lately? Feel like your love life is never going to get better? Chances are, it's all a state of mind. If you go around thinking negative thoughts, don't be surprised if you start projecting negative poise, a sour demeanor and a lack of confidence. On the other hand, the "secret" to learning how to attract women is surprisingly down to earth, even after reading a library of seduction books.


Tips on How to Attract Women

For instance, once study suggested that smiling makes you more attractive when you look at them. Sometimes men are so nervous or "determined" to make an impression, they simply forget to genuinely smile and show the woman they like the basics of "I'm safe", "I'm well adjusted", "I'm fun" - all positives that a woman would be looking for.

Since some men may be battling nervousness, it might be better to slow everything down a few pegs, not only smiling at a slower pace (as opposed to popping a smile on your face constantly, which looks suspicious), and to speak at slower modulation, as nervous guys tend to talk too fast and lose their confidence.

One source suggests that women find confident men attractive because it shows them to be calm in times of crisis, which is advantageous genetically speaking. While this is a theory, few women would argue that confident mean are easier to talk to, more entertaining, and more sure about what they want.

How to Attract Women by Having Good Conversation

Sometimes it's not what you say to a woman that matters, but how you say it. Men who maintain good eye contact, who approach women in a sexual state of mind (characterized by a deeper voice, a more confident, "bedroom" expression, and who have good poise and a firm voice, usually attract attention.


It helps to be good looking, and if you're not blessed with a movie star face, it also helps to have conversational skills. Focus on finding and discussing common interests, as well as being a good listener. When you listen to the other person, and draw them out by talking about things that matter personally to them, you instantly become a good conversationalist. People love talking about themselves. Don't waste too much time with general, boring topics. Find your crush's passion in life and then talk about that!

Learning how to attract women isn't as difficult as you might think. Sometimes all that's required is a meeting place where you feel comfortable, and a nice down-to-earth introduction that lets your personality shine. If you need some online advice to help troubleshoot areas you might be having difficulty in, please don't hesitate to talk to us at for some practical suggestions.

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