How To Attract Women And Improve Your Love Life

By Michael Arangua

Updated January 25, 2019

Reviewer Christy B.

Feeling lonely and unwanted lately? Feel like your love life is never going to get better? Chances are, it's all a state of mind. If you go around thinking negative thoughts, don't be surprised if you start projecting negative poise, a sour demeanor and a lack of confidence. On the other hand, the "secret" to learning how to attract women is surprisingly down to earth, even after reading a library of books about how to get a girlfriend.


Tips on How to Attract Women

It is true that attracting women is going to come more naturally to some men than it will to others. If you do not consider yourself to be a Casanova, then you might be more than a bit nervous about attracting women. Even so, everyone wants to be able to find that special someone that can make their life complete. The truth is that attracting women is not going to be as tough as you are thinking.

You can use several tips to help to make attracting women a bit easier on yourself. Making use of this general advice can sometimes mean the difference between a successful encounter and one that ends in rejection. You have to try not to be afraid and just understand that you have to put yourself out there to get results. Meeting women is part of the process and not every single one of them is going to be a good match for you.

Just try to think about how you are approaching a woman to start things off. You have probably seen plenty of movies or television shows where guys use cheesy pickup lines to pick up girls in some social setting. These are usually off-putting and often will cause an eye roll or maybe a laugh if it happens to be funny. It's far better to just talk to women naturally and treat them like normal people. As wonderful as women are, they are not mythical creatures, so just treat them with the same respect that you would when you're talking to anyone else.

Try to make it clear that you're interested in them with how you're speaking, though. There is nothing wrong with throwing out an appropriate compliment to let them know you're attracted to them. Something as simple as complimenting a woman's hair could wind up making her night. Just don't go overboard because you don't want to seem like you're just piling on compliments in an effort to take her home.

One good thing to keep in mind is that smiling can make you more attractive. Many studies have shown that smiling makes men more attractive to women. It helps to showcase that you're well-adjusted and that you're a safe type of person. You don't need to try to put on a Cheshire grin either, so just try to naturally smile and things will go a lot smoother.

Since some men may be battling nervousness, it might be better to slow everything down a few pegs, not only smiling at a slower pace (as opposed to popping a smile on your face constantly, which looks suspicious), and to speak at slower modulation, as nervous guys tend to talk too fast and lose their confidence. Take things slow and you will feel better throughout the conversation.

One source suggests that women find confident men attractive because it shows them to be calm in times of crisis, which is advantageous genetically speaking. While this is just a theory, few women would argue that confident mean will be easier to talk to, more entertaining, and more sure about what they want.

Even if you are not a very confident person to begin with, it will be possible to try to increase your confidence. Try to act more naturally around women and put yourself into situations where you feel normal. Going up to a woman at a bar is not going to be the best method for everyone to have success. For some people, this is going to be terribly awkward and may lead to moments that you would rather forget.

Take a shot at meeting girls somewhere that you like. For instance, if you are a big music fan, maybe you will bump into a like-minded woman at a concert. You might find out that you have the same favorite band and will wind up hitting it off. A natural type of meeting like this makes it way easier to approach someone and you know that you have something in common before you even start talking.

How to Attract Women by Having Good Conversation

Being good looking can certainly help you to grab a woman's attention, but it isn't the only thing that matters. Even if you are not blessed with the face of a Hollywood movie star, you can make a good impression on a woman you are courting through conversation. A good conversation that is focused on finding and discussing common interests can be a game changer. Sometimes simply being a good listener is going to be a useful skill to have too.


When you listen to the other person and draw them out by talking about things that matter personally to them, you instantly become a good conversationalist. You will leave a better impression if you show an honest interest in the things that a woman is interested in. It would be a good idea to avoid wasting too much time talking about the weather or other topics that are far too general. Find your crush's passion in life and then talk about that!

You should also know that it is not always what you are saying to a woman that matters. In certain cases, it can be all about how you are saying it. Confidence is a very attractive thing and a woman is going to be more into what you are saying if you are acting naturally. Speak clearly and try to have fun with the conversation. Many women are very attracted to men who have a good sense of humor, so don't be afraid to let your personality shine through.

Learning how to attract women isn't as difficult as you might think. Sometimes all that's required is a meeting place where you feel comfortable, and a nice down-to-earth introduction that lets your personality shine. If you need some online advice to help troubleshoot areas you might be having difficulty in, please don't hesitate to talk to us at for some practical suggestions.

Online Counseling Benefits

Sometimes people just get so anxious about attracting women that it can start to make them feel down about life in general. If you are feeling lonely and wish that you could find your soulmate, then know that you are not alone. It isn't unusual to get depressed about issues like this either. If you can take the time to talk to an online counselor about how you are feeling, it just might help you to feel better.

Once you are feeling better about everything, it is going to be easier to get yourself out there to meet new potential love interests. You can find the girl of your dreams but you may want to deal with depression and anxiety first. If you are having problems with certain issues, then you can take care of them effectively so that you can move on towards a happy and fulfilling life. Make use of the above advice and never forget the online counselors are there for you if you need them.

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