Our Obsession With Power Couples: Characteristics Of Power Relationships

By Joanna Smykowski|Updated April 4, 2022
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What constitutes a power couple? Is it wealth, dominance or social status? The media portrays the quintessential “power couple” as two individuals making their relationship appear seamless. They have the fantastic careers, good looks, and alluring personalities. We watch a popular couple like Beyonce and Jay-Z grace our televisions and magazines, illuminating love and respect. We view examples such as these as a blueprint for dating. We almost idolize their existence in the form of memes and articles. They embody our greatest aspirations.

In reality, all we truly see is the glamor and positivity these couples choose to show. We know there has to be a caveat to these illusions of grandeur. Despite the doubt of legitimacy and the luring ghost of the unknown, we still cling to this painted picture of perfection.

Power Couples:

Characteristics That Make Them Irresistible

There is an algorithm for the success of these goals couples. They don’t have any magical superpowers that are exclusive to the rich and famous. Rather, both partners are committed to putting in the necessary work to make their relationship flow. They take the basic values of trust, respect, and companionship and transform them into art. They utilize these qualities every day to not only build their relationship but to build themselves individually.

They Are Both Ambitious

The allure begins with their duel ambition. Both in the relationship are successful at what they do. They individually have their strengths which provides them with purpose. Relationships that experience conflict usually begin when one partner feels inferior to the other. Couples who both excel secularly are attractive to outsiders.

For example, although former President Barack Obama ran an entire country, former First Lady Michelle, still held her own with her extensive community work and initiatives. She was and remains, a role model for young girls everywhere without holding the title of the president. She had a purpose, and so did he. Their equal ambition complemented each other beautifully.

Relationships thrive off of each person’s confidence in themselves. Even if you and your partner aren’t A-list Hollywood celebrities, are you both working hard towards improving the quality of your lives?

They Keep Their Conflicts Private

Perception is everything and what you choose to share is how the public will view you. Power couples strive to keep the reputation of their relationship squeaky clean by avoiding public displays of anger. In the age of technology, it is so easy for one simple status or questionable photo to welcome a swarm of rumors. Couples who respect each other make it a priority to handle their conflicts privately. They even avoid excessive complaining about their partner to friends and family members because they honor the reputation of their partner. They do not deny the existence of a conflict. Rather, they make it a goal to solve their problems with dignity.

They Support Each Other

The magnitude of support for the human experience can be life-changing. When children feel loved and supported, they are better to equip to take on the challenges of life. The same characteristic is fluent in a power couple. They allow their partner to be themselves even if it is drastically different from their personality. They support each other’s dreams, aspirations, and goals. They make personal sacrifices, whether it’s time, money or resources to help their partner in their endeavor. They understand that the success and happiness of one, equal the success and happiness of both.

In times of distress, they rely on each other for comfort. Even when words are difficult to express, they utilize actions to show care. Support in a relationship can be likened to cold water on a hot, summer day. It’s a refreshing boost that’s empowering. Lack of proper support in a relationship could lead to resentment; which is the seed that eventually sprouts into the demise of a relationship.

They’re Able To Have Fun Together

Often, one of the first signs of a relationship falling is when one or both partners engage in separate entertainment on a regular basis. Conducting two completely separate lives weakens the overall bond. This opens the door for infidelity and eventually separation. Being able to share moments of fun with your mate is priceless. They understand the importance of keeping the fun in the relationship, and they endeavor to do so frequently.

Engaging in new experiences with an open mind helps to keep that initial spark alive over the years. They continue dating, laughing and enjoying each other’s company. They don’t criticize their partner for their interests. Rather, a true power couple finds a way to enjoy their partner’s hobbies to spend time with them.

Power couples energy is inspiring which provokes onlookers to strive to attain to their happiness. The road to being a power couple isn’t easy. In fact, it takes years of hard work and commitment to evolve into something great. Our obsession with their qualities should move us to take the proper action to improve our own lives.

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