Does It Matter If Other Girls Don’t Like Me?

If you're a girl or a woman who feels that other girls and women don't like you, it's time to take a look at the reasons why. How did this come about? And has it always been this way for you? The answer to "Does it matter if other girls don't like me?" is most likely yes, because generalizing all girls into a group as people who don't like you means the problem probably lies within your perception of both them and yourself.

You Care If Other Girls Like You, But Maybe That's Not Actually Important!
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All Girls Don't Like Me

Lumping all other girls into one category means that you are showing an unwillingness to look at them as individuals with distinct personalities. There are all different kinds of girls and women in the world. So ask yourself, why are you ostracizing yourself from other girls?

Often, this happens because you are struggling with your own self-esteem issues. Did the problem with forming female friendships happen in later childhood or adolescence? Do you feel competitive around other women? For some girls, the idea that other girls don't like them is actually a cover for their worry that other girls are somehow more appealing as potential romantic partners.

In other words, they are putting their self-worth in the hands of a future significant other. And doing that can quickly erode your quality of life in multiple areas. Having true self-esteem based on your own measures is far more satisfying in the end than "winning" an unfit partner. And finding out who you really want to be, actually make it more likely that you will find someone compatible if a relationship is what you want.


Building True Self-esteem And Friends

Now, you may have solid evidence that other girls are behaving in negative ways around you. But take a look at your behavior towards them. Do they have good reason to avoid you? If you are generating a negative attitude toward every girl you meet, then it could very well seem like none of them like you. But it has nothing to do with them being girls. Are you acting in the same way of off-putting around your guy friends? Instead of treating other girls like a separate group, try these tips.

Be Yourself Around Girls

Instead of worrying about whether other girls are judging you, just try to relax and enjoy a shared activity. Are you so different that no other girl in the world likes the same hobbies as you? That's unlikely. You may find that if you just be yourself instead of trying to defend who you are, there are plenty of other girls who would love to be your friend.

You Care If Other Girls Like You, But Maybe That's Not Actually Important!
Work On Your Self Esteem With Your Online Therapist.


Recognize Stereotypes For What They Are

Your dislike for girls can sometimes be a dislike of feminine qualities in yourself. If you're trying hard to "be like the guys" it may be because society has made you feel like feminine characteristics are less desirable. But the truth is that both men and women share a mix of masculine and feminine qualities. Embrace yourself for having both, and recognize that your guy friends and girlfriends also have a mix of both types of qualities.

Our self-esteem levels can have a big effect on how we interact with others. But having good friends who accept you for who you are can actually boost your self-confidence. If you think your self-esteem is affecting your ability to maintain friendships, it doesn't hurt to get an advice from a professional therapist.

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