Using Positive Reinforcement Quotes In Self-Care

By: Nicole Beasley

Updated February 17, 2020

Using Conditioning to Your Advantage

Positive reinforcement quotes can remind and inspire you to stay up to date on self-care practices such as a pedicure or massage, which are beneficial to your overall health. Using reinforcing methods of self-care is a powerful and effective tool in shaping and changing your behavior. Having its efficacy as a form of conditioning, it works by presenting some sort of motivator or reward that the individual will receive after performing the desired behavior. This makes the simulated behavior more likely to occur in the future. This is accomplished by strengthening pathways in the brain that are responsible for performing these behaviors.


Positive Reinforcement Quotes

The concept of direct brain exercise can cover the spectrum of what you think and do, turning your energy into forward thinking and renewed motivation. Incorporating different modes of motivational tactics into your daily life looks different for every person, as preferences and learning style comes into play. Using varied sources of positive reinforcement and self-care can spur on a myriad of changes in behavior and thinking. Replacing your negative thoughts with positive ones is the first step in making lasting and effective changes in your lifestyle.


Varied Reinforcement

There are several different categories of reinforcement, with each using a varied mechanism to achieve its desired goal of lasting behavior change. Natural reinforcers are those that occur as a direct result of one's behavior. For example, if you study hard for an exam and subsequently make a desirable grade, this is a reinforcement to maintain this behavior in the future. Token reinforcers are those that are awarded for performing the desired action, such as giving a dog a biscuit when trying to teach them a trick. Social reinforcers include those that express approval of a behavior. These can be both direct and implicit, coming from our peers and others in encouraging normality in behavior and emotional reactions. Tangible reinforcers are the presentation of actual rewards in exchange for the desired behavior but are a method that should be used sparingly.


Taking Care of Yourself

In order to be the best you can be and give those in your life the attention that they deserve, you have to take care of your own physical and mental health. Practicing emotional first aid is something that is overwhelmingly overlooked by many people in favor of productivity and appearance. While we're all familiar with the steps that we need to take in order to stay physically healthy, too many of us overlook our basic psychological maintenance. BetterHelp is an online interface that has been created with the intent of connecting more people with quality and affordable help.


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