Should I Avoid Taking The Stress Anxiety Depression Test?


Stress, anxiety and depression have some effect in everyone's daily life. Often, people think they are more stressed out than everyone else and just cannot figure out why or what they can do about it. All of these feelings can affect you in certain ways that are similar but can also be very different. Depression can be most severe and may last for weeks, months, or even years. Mood changes, pain, and even illness can be related to stress, anxiety, and depression.

Kinds of Stress, Anxiety, Depression Tests


There are many types of stress, anxiety, depression tests available online that you can take on your own. Some of them are just 10 or 15 questions that you can do in a few minutes and others you can get more in depth with 20 to 30 questions. Some are official and others are just for fun. There is one that is well-known to many psychological experts, which is called the Depression Anxiety and Stress Test Scale (DASS-21). The DASS-21 has a group of three different scales that measure your depression, anxiety, and stress levels. Each of these has seven questions and there are sub-scales with other questions related to each section. There is also a longer DASS test that has 42 questions, but the most commonly used is the DASS-21. This is a test you can do on your own, but can be used by psychiatrists, psychologists, and therapists as well.

Why Take These Tests


There are very few people who really like to take tests, especially when it is about something that scares you such as being anxious or depressed. You do not want to believe that you are having problems and may not believe that you could possibly need help with anything, especially something like feelings. However, if you have been feeling more stressed out than usual or are not as interested in things that you usually like to do, it may benefit you to take one of these self-assessment tests. Even if you get results that are not as good as you expected, that does not mean that you have a mental health disorder. If so, there is nothing to be ashamed of. It is perfectly natural and even common to suffer from some sort of anxiety disorder. In fact, this is the most common group of mental illnesses in the United States.

Talk to Someone


Stress, anxiety, and depression affect almost everyone at some point of their lives. Approximately 40 million adults in the United States have one of these disorders. It is when these feelings are allowed to take over your day to day activities that they become a problem. And just because you have a problem, it does not mean you will have to take medication or anything. You may just need someone to talk to. There are plenty of websites nowadays where you can speak to a certified psychologist or therapist without even having to set an appointment or leave the house. As a matter of fact, it has become the new normal to see a psychiatrist or therapist online rather than in person because of all the technology that makes it possible.

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