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Synesthesia is a neurological disorder where a person feels several of the five senses at one time. For example, an individual with this condition might say that they “smell the color red.” According to the APA, synesthesia is quite rare, in fact, 1 in 2,000 people have the disorder. Someone with synesthesia feels like their brain is overwhelmed with sensory input, which creates a confusing experience for them. The origin of synesthesia is inconclusive; however, there are research studies that speculate that it may be hereditary and passed down genetically.

Here you find articles that explain the signs and symptoms of this incredibly rare and fascinating mental health conditions. Though uncommon, many people live with synesthesia, and if you are one of them, this section will provide insight into your experiences.

What Happens During A Synesthesia Test?

What does the color blue sound like? Can you taste certain songs? Does the number one smell like fruit? These may seem like really strange questions. And they are, unless you...

Understanding The Synesthesia Definition

Have you ever wanted to know what it is like to taste the rainbow? Well, if you have certain types of synesthesia, you do not even need to eat any Skittles candy to find out...

What Is Mirror Touch Synesthesia?

Only about two percent of people in the entire world have this condition so you can say it is a pretty rare condition to have. Synesthesia is commonly known as a feeling that is...

The Many Types Of Synesthesia Explained

What’s it like to “taste” words or “see” music? If you know, then you might just have the sensory condition known as synesthesia. While there are many types of synesthesia, it...

Synesthesia: Music As A Color Or A Smell?

Imagine if you could see your favorite song as a certain color, or be able to smell it? Some people claim they really can do this. This phenomenon is known as “synesthesia,"...

Synesthesia can be challenging to navigate. It’s so rare that it’s hard for others without the disorder to relate to the afflicted individual’s condition. An online therapist who understands this disorder can help you cope with synesthesia. If you have a friend or loved one with the illness, an online counselor can assist you in understanding how to support this person who you care about deeply. There’s help out there, even if you feel alone in your illness. Search our database of skilled online therapists and find someone who knows about this rare condition
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