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Adolescence is a phase of human development where people go from childhood to adult life. Teenagers are changing rapidly in both their physical and emotional states. Teenagers start to change when they enter puberty, which begins, between the ages of 10-12 and then enters adolescence. 13-18 is the period of adolescence where teenagers go through rapid psychological development and can appear moody, irritable, angry or depressed. There are both mood and physical changes.

Here you will find articles about teenagers and the different challenges they face. Whether you have a teenager or know, work with them or were once an adolescent, this section will help you better understand what they go through and how this phase of life is crucial to our development as individuals.

Parents Need to Know: What is the Number One Killer Of Teenagers?

They aren’t little kids anymore, and yet they aren’t quite adults. In many ways, our teenagers still need our protection, even as grey areas arise as to just how much freedom of...

How Much Sleep Do Teenagers Need?

It can be concerning to see your teen staying up all hours of the night. After all, they may feel like little adults, but their brains are still developing way into their...

Teenagers are a source of joy and sometimes frustration when you are a parent. It’s a challenging phase of life and whether you have a teenager or you know one or even if you are one! You don’t have to cope with this phase alone. Find an online counselor who can help with the teenage years and provide you with the support you need. Search our extensive database, and you’ll get the right fit of online therapist for you!
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