Where Can I Find A Sex Surrogate Near Me?

By Robert Porter|Updated June 24, 2022
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Looking for surrogate partner therapy? Finding surrogate partner therapy for women can seem like a particularly daunting task, but there are therapists and therapeutic resources available to help navigate the process. Continue reading the article to learn the best therapist search tips. 

Need Support With Intimacy Issues But Don't Currently Have a Partner? We Understand

Could A Sex Surrogate Help Your Relationship?

Surrogate Partner Therapy Options

Read on to learn about what surrogate partner therapy is and where you might be able to find one near you.

What Is Surrogate Partner Therapy?

Some women are partially familiar with surrogacy about babies and pregnancy but find themselves lost when the word is used in the terms of a sexual surrogate. The few women who have partial ideas about it are often mistaken about the particular concept. This is in part the reason why sex therapists are pushing for this to be referred to as surrogate therapy, which is a type of therapy that involves someone standing in as the patient's sexual partner. You may have searched for a "sexual therapist near me".

Unfortunately, many people suffer from sexually related trauma. There are millions of women (and men) who struggle with intimacy problems due to trauma or other reasons. Many people have experienced traumatic sexual events in the past that affect their physical and emotional well-being. This often prevents them from enjoying normal sexual relationships with a partner, or it becomes challenging to have sex. It can be frustrating for a person to love someone profoundly but feel as though they are unable to connect with them on certain levels. In some situations, this may cause women to wind up struggling to maintain a relationship. 

This is where surrogate partner therapy can be helpful. But what is surrogate partner therapy? Review your surrogate options in the article.

It is a three-way relationship between the client, a licensed sex therapist, and a partner surrogate. Patients who have intimacy partner concerns and sexual hang-ups will sometimes seek out sex therapy to help. This three-way relationship is set up to help patients suffering from sexual intimacy become more comfortable with their bodies and sexuality. Although this form of therapy can be practiced with any licensed therapist, you should consult a sex therapist as they are more open to sex surrogates than traditional counselors and therapists. Many people have been able to receive help online by talking with therapists at BetterHelp.

It's a more common situation than you may realize. If you are one of the millions who have these types of intimacy problems, then you should know that therapy can potentially help you. Your body and sexuality are essential to ensure good mental health. Many couples attend sex therapy to build trust and become comfortable with the concept of physical intimacy.

But if you don't have a significant other to work with, this is where surrogate therapy comes into play. It is possible to get the help you need with your intimacy partner issues in a professional setting.

Who Is A Partner Surrogate?

A partner surrogate is a professional who utilizes breath work, touch, relaxation exercises, social skill training, mindfulness to assist a client in attaining their specific sex therapy goals. Contrary to most people's perception about the partner surrogate, the goal of the sex surrogate isn't to help the client have sexual intercourse. Research points out that it is only in about 12-15% of cases that sexual intercourse occurs with sex surrogates. The partner surrogate's goal is to provide the client with a safe environment to explore their sexuality and practice intimacy in a structured environment. It is essential to note that the sex therapist is not directly involved with what is happening between the client and the sexual surrogate. That is, the therapist does not actively watch or participate in the activities happening between the client and partner surrogate.

A client sets up a meeting with the assigned sexual surrogate partner. However, the therapist is in charge of permitting them to communicate with each other and keep track of their progress. Effective communication between the client, sex therapist, and the sexual surrogate is essential to attain successful surrogate partner therapy.

Under normal circumstances, a sex therapist will try to make suggestions for how a person can physically connect with their romantic partner without creating social anxiety. This is not possible when the patient doesn't have a significant other, so a surrogate partner becomes a necessity. The surrogate partner will perform sexual actions with the patient during this type of therapy. This makes the practice stand out as something truly unique in the realm of therapy. It is not meant to be something that is a common option for many people.

Only those who need extreme help with overcoming their intimacy issues will be referred to a surrogate partner therapy program to provide medical help. It is impossible to access a sexual surrogate without consulting a licensed sex therapist. This is because you have to have been in consultation with a sex therapist for some months or even years in some cases before you are referred to a certified surrogate.

All of the actions performed by and with the surrogate partner need to be done under a licensed therapist's supervision. This therapy intends to allow the patient to become more comfortable with physical intimacy and helps specific sexual dysfunctions. With therapy sessions, things between your partner become more supervised and lead to safer sex practices. It can potentially help victims of sexual abuse or other traumatic events overcome things that are holding them back. Some people who have gone through surrogate partner therapy have managed to heal and have gone on to find satisfying intimate relationships of their own. 

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Where Can I Find Surrogate Partner Therapy Near Me?

Is This Legal?

After hearing more about what surrogate partner therapy is, you may be curious about this therapy's legal status. It is certainly controversial. Some people see it as morally wrong, and others find it to be a necessary therapy to help people with real sexual problems affecting their sex and sexuality. It is not illegal for this therapy with surrogate partners to take place, but it needs to be appropriately done to remain on the right side of the law.

For the most part, there are no laws that regulate  surrogate partner therapy. So long as the sexual partner participants are consenting adults, and the therapy takes place under a licensed therapist's supervision, surrogate partner therapy is seen as a legal practice for clients. If you feel that this therapy and surrogate partners are something that would help you out, then you can reach out to try to find help near you. It is a therapy that has helped many people to open up on an intimate level, so it has proven to be an effective tool for some sex therapists and their clients. Women especially benefit from having surrogate partners.

Where Can I Find Surrogate Partner Therapy Near Me?

It needs to be said that this therapy is not very common, and the treatment needs to be done in a structured environment with clients. This is not a type of therapy that you will be able to find easily. Many cities and states will not have surrogate partner therapy as a readily available option for sexual physical or emotional therapy. That being said, the best thing that you can do is to search online to see what information you can find. You can use a therapist finder or type "find surrogate partner therapy near me" into a search engine. This will allow you to see what is available in your area.

It may also be beneficial to start by signing up for sex therapy. Speaking to a sex therapist about your issues is going to be a positive way to start moving forward. Often when seeking sex partner surrogacy the best step is to consult a sex therapist. This is because your sex therapist is in the best position to help you reach out to a sexual surrogate. This is usually done after you and your therapist have concluded that surrogate partner therapy is the best option for you. Some therapists may consult the International Professional Surrogates Association (IPSA) Referrals Coordinator to find a potential match for you. This is to ensure that you find a compassionate certified surrogate partner who would cater to your specific needs.

However, for sex partner surrogacy to be successful, there is a need for the surrogate and the client to be compatible. Compatibility between the sexual surrogate and client isn't based on attractiveness but rather the feeling of trust between them. The therapist sets up a meeting between the sexual surrogate and client to determine their compatibility. Subsequent meetings would be organized within the client's comfort and to address their needs.

Typically, the sexual surrogate and the therapist work together to come up with a treatment plan that to address your needs. After the treatment plan has been finalized, you and your sexual surrogate would work together to attain your goals. The treatment plan often incorporates; mediation, breathing exercises, making eye contact, one way or mutual nudity, and intercourse (which is guided by safer sex practices).

For many people, this type of therapy has been enough to overcome their issues, especially anxiety, to specific sexual activities. Surrogate partners are usually only used for people with extreme intimacy issues. Knowing this, sex therapy may be the right fit for you.

If, like many women, you feel that surrogate partner therapy may be what you need to heal, you can speak to your therapist about it. They may be able to refer you to someone, and they'll be able to guide you down the right path. The important thing to do is seek professional help when you feel that you are in need. It will allow you to start making progress, and you can count on being able to work on everything together with a dedicated therapist.

You Can Have A Normal Sex Life

Even if you experience extreme intimacy issues, do not feel as if you will never get better. Reaching out for help is the first step toward having a normal sex life. It may not be a fast process to get over all of the emotional issues that prevent you from connecting with others physically, and you will be able to make progress over time.

Signing up for sex therapy with surrogate partners has helped millions of women around the world. Many of those who suffer from intimacy problems feel defective or unusual due to not being able to connect with others easily. This is not the case, as all you need is a little bit of help to guide you toward becoming more comfortable with yourself. In most cases, sex therapy is going to be what you need to address the things that are holding you back from having a satisfying sexual relationship or establishing sexual intimacy.

For some people, surrogate partner therapy is going to be the ideal option. If this is something that you want to pursue, then talk it over with a professional therapist beforehand. You will need to work to locate where this therapy is going to be available near you. Sex therapists in your area will have a good understanding of what is available in your area, and the process will be as simple as it can be.

It's important to never give up on yourself or think that you can't have a normal sex life. You are stronger than you know, and it is possible to find a satisfying relationship to fulfill your dreams. Even if it is tough to be positive now, you may feel very differently in the future. Having professionals on your side that can help makes a huge difference, and you can start working on things as soon as you are prepared to reach out.

Trying Online Therapy May Help Too

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Could A Sex Surrogate Help Your Relationship?

If you don't feel comfortable with the idea of surrogate partner therapy, then you may wish to seek out an online therapy option, similar to person to person therapeutic team. You can receive high-quality sex therapy online when you sign up at BetterHelp. his is going to be a convenient and discreet way to get the help that you need giving you a safe space to explore. You will be able to work with licensed therapists who will help you to work on overcoming your issues. It can take time to get the results that you want, but your therapists will be there for you every step of the way.

The overall convenience of online therapy makes it a preferable option for many people. You'll be able to seek out help without having to leave your home. Also, it is possible to reach out for therapy whenever you are in need. If you're having a bad day and need someone to talk to, then the therapists will always be there. You don't have to wait for a therapy office to open to receive assistance on surrogacy surrogate. Take the time to sign up if you want to start working on your issues with a compassionate professional who understands what you're going through. Below you can read some reviews of BetterHelp counselors from people who have been helped.

Counselor Reviews
"Jodi has been of great help and has helped me work on a few different aspects of my life. I've struggled with intimacy-related issues that have caused my self-esteem to dip, as well as career path anxiety. He's been a great help in guiding me to feel better about everything, which has allowed me to continue to improve and get better. I'll be coming back to him in the future if needed."
"Karen has helped me to be able to look outside the box to find how to find possible solutions to my sex life with my wife. A most insightful approach which I had partly recognized before but not taken seriously or realized just how I felt about it."


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