Bipolar Articles

The emotional pendulum that bipolar disorder subjects its sufferers to can easily lead to severe life problems. No-one feels exactly the same from day to day or even hour to hour, but the shifts in mood and energy bipolar disorder causes can have a significant impact on a person's ability to deal with day to day activities and issues. Reading through the following articles will help inform you about what bipolar disorder is, what can cause it and what you can do about it.

What Is Bipolar Depression And How Can It Affect You?

Most people have heard of depression but not everyone has heard of bipolar depression. Even more, not everyone really understand what depression actually is. While most people...

Having Bipolar Disorder Does Not Make You Crazy

Do you sometimes find yourself experiencing intense moments of joy and happiness followed by a sense of debilitating despair or depression? Do you ever grapple with a myriad of...

Bipolar Depression In Children And How The Treatment Differs

Bipolar depression is, at its very core, a brain illness. Also known as manic depression, it’s characterized by extremes in mood and behavior. Those with bipolar disorder may...

Bipolar disorder is sometimes a lifelong dilemma, but its effects can certainly be ameliorated by pursuing therapy. Contacting a counselor specializing in treating people with bipolar can have profound and lasting benefits.
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