How Talking With Strangers Can Boost Your Sense Of Well-being

Updated October 01, 2018

Reviewer Nicole J. Johnson

Talking with strangers, for many, can be quite uncomfortable and even anxiety producing. For some it is the potential threat that talking to a stranger poses; or the vulnerability one feels sharing information about themselves to someone that they feel may be judging them; or just the unfamiliarity of holding a conversation with a new person brings.


Stranger danger alerts aside, there is also concern when talking to stranger that there may be a disconnect in values and fear that a disagreement may ensue or even a simple miscommunication. These can bring about emotions that keep people from engaging with people outside of their circle of friends and family. However, these worrisome feelings are usually just that, worries. Majority of situations involving conversations and interactions with strangers are not nearly as intimidating or negative as anticipated. In fact, when conversations go well, they can produce a significant rise in your sense of well-being and knowledge base.

Why Does Talking with Strangers Lead to Such Positive Results?

A simple talk with a stranger can represent the beginning of a friendship. Think about it, how did you meet your current friends? You were strangers first, then you talked, and now you are important to one another's life. The building of friendships and other relationships can increase your mood as it stimulates you mentally and can help initiate new activities with others.


Talking with strangers can also spark a connection. It allows you to feel a part of your community and even the larger society.Connecting with others gives an impression of belonging, which is a vital variable to one's general happiness because it means that someone cares about you and/or youcare about someone outside of yourself.

You gain an increase in confidence as the positive interaction gives you the courage to take on more challenges similar to that of talking with strangers, like trying a new hobby or speaking up at work. It uses the same level of confidence to drum up a conversation with a stranger.

Talking with a stranger is also a way to get and give objective feedback, as you are both entering the conversations without preconceived ideas about one another. You have an opportunity to present information and receive information in a non biased way.


At BetterHelp, a platform which allows you to talk with a licensed therapist about any of your most immediate concerns, it is true you will talk with a "stranger" at first. However, as your sessions continue, you will develop a deeper connection with your therapist.

This type of therapist to client new relationship will able to assist you through your challenges and serve as someone who is learning about you and helping you along the way.

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