How Talking With Strangers Can Boost Your Sense Of Well-being

There is an unfamiliarity when talking with strangers, that's obvious enough. It can make you uncomfortable on so many levels as they can pose a threat-you do not know anything about them.

When You Talk to Strangers You Can Be More Honest Than You Would Otherwise
Work On Your Social Skills With An Online Therapist


Likewise, they do not know anything about you. Stranger danger alerts aside, there are other factors that influence our wariness with interacting with unknown people. This can include intimidation, confrontation or arguments, being hated or disliked, or being emotionally abused.

This, however, is only an initial reaction. In a majority of situations, these conversations or other interactions with strangers are not nearly as horrible as anticipated, and can even produce a significant rise in your sense of well-being if the conversation goes well.

Why Does Talking with Strangers Lead to Such Positive Results?

A simple talk with a stranger can represent the beginning of a friendship. Think about it. How did you meet your current friends? You were strangers first, then you talked, and now you are important figures in each other's life. The building of friendships and other relationships can increase your mood as it gives you a reason to get up in the morning and carry out daily activities.


Talking with strangers can also spark a connection. It allows you to feel a part of society in some way. This gives you the impression of belonging, which is a vital variable to one's general happiness because it means that someone cares about you and feels the same as you do about certain matters.

You gain an increase in confidence as the positive interaction gives you the courage to take on more challenges similar to that of talking with strangers.

In addition, when you present yourself to those you do not know, you are essentially given a clean slate. Remember, they do not know anything about you, so you can start fresh. This is a brilliant opportunity to gain advice or assistance if you present the issue in the proper manner.

When You Talk to Strangers You Can Be More Honest Than You Would Otherwise
Work On Your Social Skills With An Online Therapist


If done successfully, the fact that someone you hardly know is helping you is encouraging. It restores your faith in the world and in yourself as you receive acceptance from a stranger.


At BetterHelp, a platform which allows you to talk with a licensed therapist about any of your most immediate concerns, it is true you will talk with a "stranger" at first. However, as your sessions continue, you will develop a deeper connection with your therapist.

This establishing relationship will better assist you through your trials as someone who is learning about you is helping you along the way.

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