Why Do I Hate People So Much?

If you have ever found yourself wishing you could just walk out of your job, work from home, or become a recluse, you may be experiencing people burn out. Most of us work in offices or environments where team collaboration is expected, and even if we are cloistered in our cubicles and on our computers or phones most of the day, we are still dealing with clients and co-workers. When we finish the day and leave, we deal with people in the parking garage, we deal with people on the drive home, and we deal with people in the grocery store when we stop to pick up dinner. Sometimes we feel like we just hate people.

You Deserve a People Break Today

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Taking a people break is essential to our mental health, but often an impossible task. When we are home, we are often with people, even if it is our family members. While we hopefully do not hate our family, they are still people we must deal with before we can begin to take care of ourselves. After a long week at work, the last thing we wish to do is deal with more people, but then there is a party or gathering to which we are invited, and expected to go. We have had it up to our necks with people, and the idea of more people, even friends cause us to feel stressed.

It is impossible for most of us to take a break from people during the work day. We find that even our lunch time is filled with people. Maybe it is time to find a place that is people-free for lunch. Instead of taking lunch in the break room or the usual sandwich shop with people, take it outside, or if you can sit at your desk without getting on the phone or computer, take lunch at your desk. Eat your lunch in blissful silence, put your feet up, and close your eyes for a 10-minute power nap. Sometimes a simple lunch break away from people can recharge your batteries.

I Am Not Antisocial, I Just Don't Like People Right Now

Do not worry about others thinking if you are antisocial. That is probably what brought you to the level of people burnout in the first place. Take these mini-breaks and let others know you just need some alone time to think. It is okay, and it is not rude. Do not feel compelled to go to every social gathering to which you are invited. Reserve Friday nights for an alone time, or for family time that ends with some valuable alone time.

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Taking a people break in increments will help you to avoid the people burnout that often leads to taking sick days or standing friends up. Most of us have been to a point where we cannot even stand to be around the people we love the most. If finding the way to tell others you need a break, and even from them, is standing in your way of taking the break you need, then it might be a good idea to set up some time based upon your need and desire to talk with one of the qualified therapists at Betterhelp.com

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