Love Is Action: Why You Can't Just Say The Words

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Some people have no problem saying, "I love you.” It just comes out perfectly natural for them. But, for others, love isn’t easy; they struggle to get the words out, even just once, to the person they love. But whether it comes easy to you or not, the important thing to understand is that love is action.

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Love is not simply a feeling or an emotion. Love is powerful, it's not just words. You've probably heard the saying that "love is a verb", and there's a lot of truth behind that. Love isn't something you can just say, such as "love you to the moon and back", it's something that you need to do. Therefore, love is action.

The Overuse of the Word "Love"

We live in a society that overuses the word love. You hear people say it all the time. We love ice cream. We love dogs. You love having a 3-day weekend. You love the way the sand feels between your toes.

We have used the word love so much, and in ways that it wasn't meant to be used, which has lessened the meaning of the word to some extent. Simply saying that you love someone may not mean as much to them when you also say, in the next breath, that you love pizza or the smell of bacon.

Ads will also utilize the word or concept of love to sell products and services. Ads agencies learned long ago that emotion-based ads and content increase the effectiveness of selling their services or merchandise, so now they use the word a lot in their ads to appeal to a certain market. It can all make love seem so much simpler than it is in reality.

Some people also struggle with being too quick to say the word love to other people. They may not know if they love the person or not, but they don't want to lose what they already have going. So, to try to keep the person they tell them that they love them. This is a common phenomenon in partners who are young or do not have much experience with relationships. It could also be a sign of low self-esteem.

What Does "Love Is Action" Mean?

So, what does the phrase “love is action” really mean? How are you supposed to show someone that you love them?

This can mean different things to different people. That's what makes it so challenging to show someone that you love them. Different people think different things show love. For example, you may feel loved if someone spends a lot of time with you. If they make sure that they do your favorite activities with you or spend the holidays with you. When they go out of their way to do the things that you want to do with them, instead of doing the things that they would rather do. These actions make you feel loved.

But for other people, it may be something completely different. Some people want to receive love through words of affirmation; or through sending love words for her or him. They want to constantly be told why you love them and not just that you love them. To them, this is a way to put love into action instead of just simply saying that you love them.

The best way that you can show someone love is to find out directly from them what makes them feel loved. They may be able to tell you right off the bat, or they may not have any idea. It's something that a lot of people have never really thought about. They may know that some things make them feel loved and others don't, but they may have never put it into words before. This is another reason it can be so complicated to express your love to someone else.

Ways to Show Love

Just like there are different words for love, there are also different ways to show love. So, if you want to put love into action, here are some ideas on ways that you can show love. Remember that it's always best to find out what speaks the most to a person, and then do those things. But if you don't know, or if the person isn't able to tell you, these things will give you a great start.

Prioritize What They Like to Do

People are naturally selfish. We like to do the things that we like to do. But when you want to show someone that you love them, you need to prioritize what they want to do over what you want at times.

This doesn't mean that you need to become a doormat, or that you can never do the things that you want. It simply means that you work to make sure that you're including activities that the other person would like to do. Or that you are participating in activities that you might not want to do on your own just so you can spend time with them.

An example of this would be going to a baseball game together when you can't stand the sport. Or hanging out at the mall when you hate shopping. You aren't doing the activity because you would choose to do it—you're doing it because the person that you love likes doing it. Understand that selflessness and compromise are some of the most effective ways to show love in action. When you choose to put their desires or needs first, you show the true measure of active love.

Tell Them in Creative Ways

It's easy to just get in the habit of telling someone you love them at certain times of the day. It may be when you're getting ready to end a phone call or getting ready to go to bed. But it can communicate to someone that you love them when you show them that you're thinking about them throughout the day.

This could be sending a simple text message or relationship quotes in the middle of the day to let them know that you love them and are thinking about them. Aside from love quotes, it's always great to include a compliment because everyone loves to receive compliments.

You could also leave a note in lipstick on the bathroom mirror, a sticky note in their car, or write a note on a napkin in their lunch for work. There is no limitation on how creative you can get in doing this.

Look for Ways to Help Them

When you love someone, do your best to try to anticipate what their needs are. This can be a great way to show someone not only that you love them but that you truly know them as well.

Think about what they might need to get ready before a busy day that they have planned, or something that they might need from the store that they haven't asked you for. Look for ways to do little things that will help them out throughout their day. This can go a long way in communicating love to your significant other.

For example, you can visit the grocery store or do other errands for them to ease up their day. Or you can help them with chores or other tasks they have on their to-do list. For example, if they need to bake biscuits for a bake sale but don’t have much time, help them make biscuits or help them with their other tasks.

Learn How To Better Express Your Love

Be Close to Them

There are ways that you can physically show people that you love them in appropriate ways. And this isn't about sex. Make sure that you sit next to them when you can, even if it's just on the couch watching TV. Offer to rub their shoulders for them if they've had a stressful day. Hold her hand as you walk down the street.

Foot rubs and back massages go a long way in communicating love after a long day of work.

Remember What You Used to Do

Love can be an easy thing to show in the early stages of a relationship, but as a relationship progresses, things can settle in. When the newness of a relationship wears off, it's easy to get set in habits and routines. If you want to make sure that you're continuing to show someone that you love them, think about the things that you did at the beginning of your relationship.

People are great at showing love when they're first interested in someone. It's completely normal to forget about yourself and do the things that you like to do. We put our best foot forward all the time. If they need help with something, we jump in to help them. We don't even hesitate because we want them to know that we love them.

If your relationship has been a long-term one and you still have too much love for your partner, you may need to look back and analyze to see if you're doing a good job of showing it to your significant other. If you find out that you're not, go back and think about those things you did in the beginning and start doing them again. It's a great way to sweep your significant other off their feet once again.

Action That Does Not Equal Love

It's important to address that while it's great to show love as an action in relationships, there are some limitations and things that you should think about with this concept.

For example, having sex is not the same thing as love. If you're in a new relationship, do not trick yourself into thinking that if you have sex with the person, they will know that you love them or that they will love you. People can have sex without being in love. So, don't fall for the lie that someone loves you because they're showing you physically. This is not what love is action means.

Do You Struggle With Showing Love?

If showing love is a struggle for you, it may be something that you want to talk to a therapist about. There may be a specific situation from your past that makes you uncomfortable in communicating your love to someone else. There could be any number of reasons why it's a struggle for you.

First of all, be compassionate with yourself if this is the case. Accept your feelings and that your past may be affecting your relationships. This does not make you a bad partner or make you unable to deliver authentic love. When you accept your experience and work hard to maintain love, the results can be rewarding.

Working with a therapist or similar mental health or relationship services can help you get to the bottom of why you may have difficulty expressing love. You can learn other important communication skills that you can use to improve your relationship. And you can learn important tips and strategies on how to shield yourself in relationships as well.

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Love isn't simply just a word. And it's not just a feeling. Love is a choice and showing that love means choosing measured actions that communicate it to your significant other. Love is action.

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