Love Or Money: What’s More Important To You And Why?

By: Robert Porter

Updated February 09, 2021

Love is one of the greatest motivations that a person can have in life. Being able to experience love is very important when you want to be happy. There are people who aren't as concerned about love as others, though. Some people are much more concerned with making money and they seem to focus on financial success at the expense of their love lives.



Determining whether love or money is the most important thing in your life makes sense. You need to be able to prioritize things in your life. If you want to be as happy as possible, then you have to think about whether what you're doing is going to lead you down the right road. Take a moment to examine whether you should be more focused on finding love or making money. It might help you to gather your own thoughts on the matter so that you can better focus your own life goals.

Why Is It Important to Worry About Money?

You probably know why it is important to worry about money. Money is a necessity in this world. You need to be able to make a certain amount of money just to be able to get by. If you make enough money to be comfortable, then you can even start buying extra things in order to increase your standard of living.

Being able to buy things really will make you feel good about yourself. You can purchase a nice new house, a good car, and many things that make you feel like your hard work has been worthwhile. Focusing on your career does have a purpose and you will be rewarded for being able to continue to advance up the career ladder. This doesn't mean that money is more important than love, though.

The Importance Of Love

Love is something that you shouldn't have to live without. Most people have loved ones that they care about dearly. Even if you don't have a romantic partner, you likely have friends or family that love you. Having people who love you helps you to experience the true joys of life, and it's very much worthwhile to find someone that you can share a romantic love connection with.

If you can find a lover then you will be able to have someone that you can share your life with on a very deep level. Being bonded with someone like this really does make a difference when it comes to your overall happiness. Having someone who can share in your happiness makes things that much better. It's also great to have someone that you can count on during tough times and it makes it easier to get through tumultuous periods of time.


Being in love can make you feel like the world is that much brighter. All types of love are very important and should be cherished. Friendship has great value and family ties are also something that you'll always hold close to your heart. Romantic love is simply something that can make you feel more complete as a person.

Some people wind up giving up on finding love due to having bad experiences in the past. Love is a bit of a double-edged sword in this way. It can make you feel the highest of highs when things are going great. It also has the potential to lay you low when a relationship comes to an end. It's often important that you find the courage to love again when you've experienced a loss like this. Love makes the world a better place and it can really improve your quality of life when you can find a love that lasts.

Finding A Balance Is Key

Finding a balance in your life is going to be the key to being truly happy. You can't focus on love at the expense of your career. There is an old term that says, "Love doesn't pay the bills." This is true for the most part and you do need to think about trying to make enough money so that you can live comfortably. Regardless, it isn't healthy to pursue financial success at the expense of your own happiness.


If you can find a way to balance your career goals with your relationship goals, then things will be much better. You'll be able to enjoy everything that love can bring into your life while still being able to feel proud of your career success. Having the right level of financial success is going to make it possible to pursue starting a family as well. You need to be able to take care of your family if you're going to have children and try to live out whatever your vision of an ideal life with your partner is.

Do your best to find a career path that gives you enough time to focus on the things that you love. You need to be able to spend time with your romantic partner, and you also want to have time for the other important people in your life. Working all the time is simply not going to be healthy. A more balanced existence is going to help you live life to the fullest.

Creating some type of schedule for yourself might wind up helping you out, too. If you're a bit of a workaholic, so to speak, then you might need to set some rules, like no answering work e-mails after dinner or checking your smartphone when you're spending time with your romantic partner. Work and financial success should increase your happiness when you can find a way to spend enough time with your loved ones.

Remember That Money Can't Buy Love

You should always try to remember that the old adage of "money can't buy love" is actually quite true. People might wind up flocking to you if you become rich, but it might not always be because they truly love you. Money isn't something that is going to be able to truly comfort you when you're feeling down. It might not be as satisfying without someone to share your life with.

Humans are social creatures by nature and they desire love. It's normal to want to be loved but you can't get the love that you're seeking simply by making a bunch of money. Financial success is admirable, and it's even very important to try to be financially secure. It's just crucial to be able to differentiate between the importance of money and the true value of love.

If you have to choose between money and love, then many people would suggest that you choose love. The ultimate choice is really up to you. You have to think about what is important to you in life. If making money is truly the thing that you're most passionate about in life, then that's for you to decide.

Therapy Can Help Those Who Have Love Problems

You'd be surprised how many people need to seek help for problems related to love. Love is something that can create feelings of sadness or withdrawal when it's missing from your life. If you've been spending too much time focusing on advancing your career, and it has cost you some of your happiness, then don't be afraid to reach out and receive therapy. Therapists can help you to deal with anxiety and depression issues effectively.

A skilled therapist is also going to be able to help you evaluate your situation. It isn't always going to be easy to understand your own feelings. You might need to talk things over with a professional to really make sense of what is going on in your head. Whatever it is that you want to work through, therapy can help. If you want therapy to be as convenient as possible, then you may wish to sign up for online therapy.

For example, studies have shown that online therapy is useful for people who want to address complex feelings In a study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, the effectiveness of online therapy when treating those with depression and anxiety was observed. Researchers specifically utilized online cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), which is meant to help participants replace intrusive, negative thoughts that can lead to undesirable behaviors and emotions. The study concluded that online therapy helps to facilitate significant positive results. Read below for some reviews of BetterHelp counselors, from people experiencing similar issues.


Counselor Reviews

“Cameron has helped me navigate some incredibly challenging things within my relationship. With his help I’ve developed confidence to be a more assertive person. Therapy had helped me understand myself and my partner much better, in addition to implementing practices and taking action to improve a situation whereas I otherwise may feel stuck or hopeless. I really loved that he took the time to get to know me and my history before trying to “tell me what to do.” I feel like he really understands how my mind operates and therefore can give great, valuable advice, in addition to being a comforting sounding board.” 

“In the last 7 months or so, Lois has really helped me in reshaping my perspectives on my relationships and my involvement in them. I have seen a great deal of personal growth occur through her attention and guidance. I have been able to understand where my struggles had come from and deal with difficult ideas like blame and guilt. I'm very grateful for her time and attention and I'm confident that my personal relationships will be stronger and healthier as a result of working with Lois.”


Remember that the value of love goes far beyond being something that you can buy. People aren't expendable and they also aren't on this planet forever. Life is finite and you don't want to regret your choices when someone that you care about deeply passes away. Just try to think about things objectively and you'll come to your own conclusions.

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