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Many people suffer from anxiety disorders, which may at times escalate into full-blown panic attacks. These can turn up at completely unpredictable times and be very inconvenient in daily life. The causes of panic attacks can be difficult to pin down, while which treatment is most effective for any individual depends on various factors. The following articles describe the condition, and the various therapeutic options available to people suffering from panic attacks.

What Causes Panic Attacks And How Can You Stop Them?

Have you ever had a panic attack? Chances are you may have had something similar to a panic attack or something that maybe you thought was one, but there are a lot of different...

Learn How To Stop A Panic Attack In Its Tracks

Panic attacks can feel excruciating and painful. It’s hard to figure out how to deal with panic attacks when you experience them frequently. When a person has a panic attack,...

Identifying The Symptoms Of Panic Attack

About 2.7% of the U.S. adult population will have a panic attack in any given year. The millions of people who report having panic attacks include only the people who recognize...

Panic Attack: What To Do When It Happens

Panic attacks are scary, but are rarely occurs ever without warning. The best way to control a panic attack is to stop it before it happens. Panic attacks are most often...

How To Calm Down From A Panic Attack

Panic attacks are a scary experience for anyone. When a person has a panic attack he or she may feel like they are experiencing a medical emergency, and even believe that their...

The Panic Attack: What It Is, How It Feels, and Dealing with It

Panic disorder is a mental health issue that affects at least 5% of the population at some point in life (Roy-Byrne, Craske, & Stein, 2006; Torpy, Burke, & Golub, 2011). Panic attacks and related complaints are a widespread concern in the medical community with increasing numbers of individuals seen

A Practical Guide For Getting Through Panic Attacks

Every one of us has felt a full-body stress reaction. Like the one you feel when you’re waiting to give a dreaded presentation at work, or looking at those three dots wiggle on your iPhone in the middle of an emotional conversation...

Qualified therapists specializing in anxiety disorders can provide practical, actionable advice on avoiding and dealing with panic attacks. While medication and other forms of treatment can form part of managing such occurrences, only talk therapy can address the root causes that lead to chronic anxiety.
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