How To Keep Phone Calls Interesting In A Long Distance Relationship

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As society delves deeper and deeper into the digital age, maintaining a long-distance relationship has never been easier. With a smartphone and internet connection, many of us have the ability to connect with our loved ones, face-to-face in mere seconds.

While video calling, texting and other digital means have vastly opened the lines of communication for many, upholding a long-distance relationship continues to have its caveats. For many of us, our day-to-day routines remain largely the same which may lead to feeling as if we lack interesting conversation points to present to our long-distance partners. 

Though this feeling presents its fair share of challenges, being limited to verbal communication can offer an opportunity to get to know your partner on a uniquely intimate level. In this article, we will explore fun ways to keep phone calls interesting in a long-distance relationship.

Woman sitting atop couch writing in notepad with cell held up against her ear. Here we cover things that you can talk about on the phone to get to know each other through talking to each other. Talking on the phone through things is a good way for a couple to bond. The things listed to say in our article will help you on the journey. Learn to speak on the phone to a love interest. Learn to lean on each other through distance. Ways to get to know each other.

Having Trouble Communicating With A Long Distance Love?

Tips For Keeping Phone Calls Interesting

It is often said that healthy relationships take work to maintain. This statement tends to ring true even more so when it comes to long distance relationships. Though distance has its pitfalls, it simultaneously creates space to truly get to know the ins and outs of your partner’s thoughts, feelings and interests. 

With the continuous advent of virtual communication options, there are a number of ways to get to know your partner and maintain that spark from miles away. Below are ten tips for keeping your phone calls interesting in a long distance relationship. 

  1. Choose a TV series to watch together.

    Streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu and HBO Max have made it easier than ever to keep up with our favorite series from anywhere at any time. Choosing a television series to watch together can offer a great point of discussion for an extended period of time.

    Schedule time to watch your chosen show together, or coordinate your watch pace. Make time for a phone call after each episode, and share your thoughts, feelings and predictions.

    Try choosing a show that piques both of your interests. Some popular binge-worthy shows include Breaking Bad, Succession, Lost, Westworld, Arrested Development and many more.

  2. Schedule virtual dates.

    While casual phone calls are a vital part of long distance relationships, scheduling dedicated “dates” is a great way to keep romance alive from afar. If possible, set a weekly time to meet via Facetime, Zoom, or other means of video calling.

    Ordering similar food, playing a game, or planning a virtual beer or wine tasting can all serve as fun virtual date activities for you and your long distance love.

  3. Play video games together.

    Though online gaming is typically associated with titles like Call of Duty and Fortnite, there are multitude of online games available for any type of “gamer”. Consoles like the Nintendo Switch offer a number of multiplayer games such as Mario, Yoshi, and Kirby games. Additionally, nearly every traditional board game such as chess, Monopoly, and trivia games are often available to play with a partner online. Choose an area of interest with your partner and see what online games would be fun to play together.

  1. Plan your next in-person visit.

    In-person visits are typically a vital part of any long distance relationship, and planning these visits takes both time and effort. Planning dates, locations and activities for upcoming visits is a great point of discussion for those in long distance relationships.

    Make planning calls more interesting by each selecting activities, restaurants, or other fun things you may want to incorporate into your next visit.

     5.  Send photos and videos of your day-to-day life. 

         Sending frequent photos or videos of the things you come across in your day-to-day life can be a fun way to             keep long distance conversations interesting. For example, sending a photo of a pretty bird or cute dog you               crossed paths with can make you and your partner feel more connected throughout the day.

   Additionally, sending selfies or “saucy” photos can serve as an easy way to ignite romance and                                     excitement. Apps like Snapchat are great for sending casual photos and videos back and forth with ease.

  1. Do chores or run errands “together”.

    Doing chores and running errands are not necessarily fun activities, but doing these things with your partner “by your side” can make them more interesting. With wireless headphones and headsets, calling your partner before doing the dishes or running into the store can make it feel as though you are executing your daily routines together.

  2. Check-in about communication needs.

    Long distance relationships require a considerable amount of communication to maintain a strong bond between partners. Frequently checking in with each other regarding your level of communication and individual needs can be helpful.

    For example, more texts, calls or dedicated video calls may be vital to maintaining your relationship. Discussing these needs over the phone can provide comfort and clarity for both parties.

  3. Plan for the future.

    Typically, those of us in long distance relationships hope to eventually move toward an in-person relationship at some point in time. If you are at a point in the relationship where living together is a realistic goal, start discussing these future plans.

    Things like location, options for work, living arrangements, and so on tend to take a significant amount of thought and planning and will likely require fairly continuous conversation.

  4. Send each other small surprises.

    Receiving a small gift or package typically brings a smile to nearly anyone’s face. Surprising your partner with flowers, lunch, a handwritten letter or a small gift are great ways to keep romance alive and drum up a fun, easy topic to discuss on your next phone call.

  5. Be sure to check-in daily.

    While long, daily phone calls may not be possible depending on your situation, a quick daily check-in can help to keep you and your partner feeling connected. A daily “good morning” or “goodnight” text, or a quick call to say “Hello, I miss you,” may help to maintain the trust and comfort in your long-distance relationship. 

Navigating Long-Distance Relationships

Despite the numerous ways to keep long-distance relationships fun, intimate and engaging, distance can present a multitude of unique challenges to navigate. Typically, trust and communication are vital to maintaining a relationship from afar, yet both of these necessities can be complex and difficult to uphold without guidance or understanding. 

Woman sitting and looking at cell. Learn to lean on each other through phone distance.

Having Trouble Communicating With A Long Distance Love?

If you are struggling to maintain a relationship with a long-distance partner, online therapy may help. A recent uptick in digital mental health intervention has created a number of opportunities for long-distance couples to participate in couples therapy. In additional to individual therapy, recent research has shown online couples therapy to be equally as effective as in-person therapy

Due to the nature of long-distance relationships, the flexibility and accessibility of online therapy is often required for those seeking guidance in navigating long-distance love. 


Though long-distance love has its drawbacks, a little bit of communication and creativity tends to go a long way in keeping the spark alive. Frequent and open conversations as well as active listening and understanding will likely reveal a multitude of things you and your partner can do to keep your regular phone calls fun and interesting from afar. 

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