What Does It Mean, “If You Love Something, Let It Go”?

One of the last things you want to hear when you are in a relationship (that you think is the one for you) are the words "If you love something, let it go".

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The very idea of letting go of something you hold so dear may seem incomprehensible, maybe even a little insane, but the alternative can be that you will lose that person forever.

Am I too Clingy?

When we first fall in love, our whole world centers on our relationship. Once the flames have cooled down, however, most people return to their primary personal goals - finishing an education, building a career or perfecting their skill sets. You may have a codependent relationship if you are unable to find satisfaction in life outside your romance. You recognize unhealthy behavior in your partner but choose to stay and you give your partner support at the cost of your own mental, emotional and physical well-being.

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While some people thrive on codependent relationships, they can be an unhealthy breeding ground for conflict. Codependents will often try to control the relationship, usually by manifesting acute anxieties, jealousies and a tendency to be clingy. If the green-eyed monster has been controlling the way you relate to your partner, you may need to step back and give your one true love a little emotional freedom. Although this may prove painful, if you love something, you let it go because relationships are built on equal trust.

Because You Love Yourself

The quality of the love you can give to others reflects in how much you love yourself. A person who has confidence doesn't undermine the confidence of others. A person who takes pride in self takes pride in the accomplishments of others. When you love yourself, you are supportive of your partner, but will not accept self-destructive behaviors because they reflect a poor treatment of the love you have for each other. If you love something, let it go when destructive behaviors have abused your mental well- being and the mental and physical health of your loved one.

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Cross Roads of Life

There is really nothing more difficult than letting go of what you love just to see if it comes back to you, but it's a decision we'll be faced with throughout our lives. More often than not, there will be a family member who makes a decision that will separate them either physically or culturally from the rest, but we have to accept the choice.

Children leave home and we accept them back with open arms. We demonstrate our best qualities to love when we do it openly, with respect and support for each other.

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Sometimes relationships drift apart simply because we go through changes and the changes set us in separate directions. Sometimes those drifting directions bring us back together. We can't really expect ourselves to be at the helm of anyone's life but our own, so when we love something we let it go to find its own meaning. If it comes back to us, it becomes an essential part of our lives. If it doesn't, it means that when you came to the crossroads, you chose one direction, and the person you love chose another.

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