How BetterHelp Helped Me Come To New Realizations – Anita

By BetterHelp Editorial Team|Updated October 5, 2022

Asking For Help Is A Sign Of Strength

I've shared things with my counselor that I've never even been able to acknowledge myself.

I have now been working with my BetterHelp counselor since January 4th, 2018. I signed up for help with depression, anxiety, feelings of hopelessness, and what I felt was the start of some self-destructive behavior. I am now in a much more stable place emotionally and mentally, but I felt like I was one breath away from a nervous breakdown before I started.

I have tried in-person counseling a few times before BetterHelp. While those services provided a good introduction for me to receiving support, I knew the people and organization through my work as we had many clients in common. This made it hard for me to open up and talk about what I felt were my more deep-rooted issues. I was grateful for the experience as it opened doors for me to seek further support.

I believe I saw an ad for BetterHelp on Instagram. The anonymity and flexibility were huge factors in my deciding to sign up to try it, and being able to do sessions over the phone when it worked for my schedule seemed convenient.

Having the flexibility to write out my feelings or struggles and later have my counselor offer support and guidance was super beneficial. I shared things that I'd never been able to even acknowledge to myself previously, thus getting to the root of some things. Having support to realize I'm not alone; that I was struggling with a lot of dysfunction in more than one area of my life; and to have someone confirm some things helped me feel "not crazy," and that I was having normal responses to what was happening in my life or what had happened in the past. I learned that there are skills or tools I can utilize to help manage trauma or the more heavy side of things.

I find that I am better able to self-assess more often now, to honor what or how I'm feeling, and retreat to sit with any stress or heavy emotions I may be feeling or grappling with. I try to take the time I need for myself now, practice more self-care, and write a lot of my feelings out more often. I'm encouraged to get moving physically more often. I'm not quite where I want to be yet but hope to be soon with the therapeutic yoga training I've enrolled in.

I've made some very big changes and decisions that I'm not sure I would have been able to do without my counselor's support. I am feeling grateful that I was able to overcome my pride and ask for help when I needed it. Being able to ask for help, I now realize, is a sign of strength and not weakness. I'm on the road to claiming all of my power back and feeling much stronger these days!

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