Irvin Yalom Group Psychotherapy - Theory & Practice

By: Robert Porter

Updated November 09, 2021

Medically Reviewed By: Whitney White, MS. CMHC, NCC., LPC

Irvin Yalom is a recognized name in the world of psychiatry and therapy for several reasons. He made a name for himself both as a professor of psychiatry at Stanford University and as an author. He is the man who wrote the definitive text on group therapy titled The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy which is still used by therapists today. Whenever anyone is studying the topic of group therapy, his name and contributions to the practice are bound to come up.

In the modern era, group therapy has become an important part of the therapeutic process. Many people benefit from attending group therapy sessions. It is a social therapy that gives people the chance to interact with others who can relate to what they are going through. There are many benefits to going to a therapy group, making it something that continues to increase in popularity.

There are therapy groups for nearly any type of therapy that you could think of. Some people go to group therapy sessions to cope with depression or anxiety symptoms. There are also many therapy groups that are designed to help those who have suffered from similar traumatic events. The Yalom group therapy principles have managed to outline what is important about the group therapy process no matter what type of therapy you are talking about.

In examining Yalom’s group work,you will see just how useful this is for many people. If you have been thinking about pursuing group therapy yourself, then this will provide you with information to make an informed decision, and may help you to decide to move forward.

People Learn Through Attending Group Therapy Sessions

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It is very important to be able to learn through your group therapy sessions. Group therapy allows you to learn by interacting with the other members of the group. You can speak openly about your problems and struggles. The other members of the group may have insights, or they might be able to relate to you in certain ways.

Many people learn through hearing the stories of others. It is not always easy to see what you are doing wrong, but it may be easier to see where others are going wrong. Being able to relate to others in the group can help you to realize certain things about your behaviors. You may wind up having a breakthrough simply due to observing others in the group or hearing their stories.

Group therapy allows you to learn from others and to help others. You are going to be among people who understand the things that you are going through. These groups are comprised of people who have similar problems, and everyone is going to be working toward the same types of goals. Working together can make attaining those goals easier.

Getting A New Perspective

Another potential benefit of group therapy is that you will be getting a new perspective on your situation. Everyone in the group is going to be able to relate to what you are going through in some way. Even so, individuals are going to have different experiences to share. Many people are going to be able to share things from a different perspective than you may have expected.

You may also get feedback or support from these members of the group. They may have suggestions, comments, or ideas that you may have never thought of. This can be useful as it is good to think about things from a different angle. Learning to approach your problems in a new way may very well be what you need to manage your symptoms successfully.

Group Therapy Shows You That You Aren’t Alone


The fact that you are not alone is going to make a difference in your life. Mental health struggles tend to make people feel as if they are isolated. If you feel like you are alone in life, then group therapy is a perfect fit for you. It is important to know that you have other people who care about your well-being. Therapy groups often become very close-knit and do a good job of looking out for one another.

It can also simply be nice to see that there are other people out there who are going through the same things that you are. You may have felt as if you were strange or unusual due to your struggles. Whether you are dealing with depression or if you have other issues, it can be easy to think of yourself as an oddity. Attending group therapy can open your eyes to the fact that so many people are dealing with the same problems.

You might also be able to gain a significant amount of hope due to having others in your life. Groups are typically comprised of people who are at different points in their lives. Some people will just be starting in therapy and others will have successfully managed their issues for a long time. Seeing people who have successfully beaten depression or other issues can give you hope for yourself.

Group Therapy Helps With Social Abilities

It is not unusual for people who need therapy to have social anxieties. If you are someone who suffers from depression or anxiety, then social situations may be difficult for you. Some people have severe social problems that will make the prospect of interacting with others feel awkward. Attending group therapy can help with this.

The group therapy sessions will be a safe place where you can learn to interact with other people again. You can develop your social skills, and this can translate into real-world settings. You do not have to fear failure when you are participating in group therapy sessions. All the other members of the group understand how tough it can be to develop social skills when you are first starting down this path. They will be very supportive of your attempts, and you will continue to make progress over time.

Once socializing with the group starts to feel natural, you will be in a good position. It will be possible to start improving your social behaviors while you are out in public too. You will begin to feel more confident when speaking with others and this can change your life. It is great practice for those who need to learn how to interact with others and to relate to people.

Anyone who suffers from social anxiety will benefit from attending a controlled group therapy session. This is a tried and true method to help people make progress. Even if you are only participating in a small group therapy session of three or four people, you will still be helping yourself out. It’s a worthwhile experience that has helped so many people to enhance their social abilities.

It Can Be A Cathartic Experience

It can also simply be a very cathartic experience to share things with the group. Everyone needs a chance to vent about their struggles. Being able to share your feelings and activities with others who understand what you are going through is a worthwhile experience. It can help you to let go of your stress and is an important part of allowing yourself to heal.

Many people look forward to group therapy sessions for this reason. It is also nice to know that your story and your perseverance in the face of adversity can help to give strength to other members of the group. It is a great support system that will help you to keep moving forward in life. Group therapy is a place where you can let go of built-up stress, guilt, pain, and sorrow. The members of the group will be there for you, and your therapist will be there to guide everyone through the process safely.

Online Therapy Is A Better Fit For Some

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If you are nervous about the prospect of group therapy, then you may prefer to go with an online option. Online therapy is very useful, and it can help you to work on your issues. You will be able to attend therapy from your own home, and everything will be very private. It is a discreet and safe way to reach out for the help that you need.

Many people even decide to use online therapy while also attending group therapy sessions elsewhere. Simply know that online therapy is a very convenient option. It is very flexible, and it allows you to sign up for therapy at any time. You will even be able to speak to a therapist during hours when normal therapy offices would be closed.

If you feel like you need help and want to reach out, then please do not hesitate. Online therapists are fully licensed and ready to assist you as soon as you make contact. They will work with you to help you resolve your issues, and you will be able to make significant progress. Having dedicated professionals like this on your side is great, so never feel like you have to try to face your problems alone.

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