Counselling Vs Counseling: Is There A Difference?

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Understanding the words related to therapy, legal and other forms of advice can help you feel more confident about seeking help. After all, how can you be sure you're looking up the right professionals without knowing the difference between counselling vs. counseling? Whether you're googling for options or writing an email to a possible therapist, it feels important to get the spelling right, too.

Counselling vs Counseling: A Difference in Spelling

Counselling and counseling are just two spellings of the exact same word. They both refer to the giving and receiving of advice and guidance. The spellings are different, but what they refer to is the same.


Related to Location

Which spelling you need to use depends on where you are and where you're seeking help. The term "counselling" is preferred in all English-speaking countries outside the U.S. In the United States, though, "counseling" with one "l" is the accepted form.

What If You Chose the Wrong Spelling?

If you make a mistake in spelling while doing a search, you'll still get some pertinent results on Google. Googling "counselling" may get you more results from overseas, though - not what you want if you're looking for a counselor in the U.S. Choosing the wrong spelling for a letter or email isn't a disaster, but you may appear to know the language better if you choose the right one for your situation.

When to Use the Word

You can use the word "counseling" whenever you're looking for group counseling or individual therapy in the United States. This word works for any type of counseling, whether it is a grief group, an alcohol recovery program, or individual mental health therapy. If you're looking for advice outside the U.S., use "counselling."

Why Look for Therapy?

A counselor can help you become aware of your feelings and mental health issues. They can help you understand your potential for solving your problems and give you tools with which to do so. You can begin to become more emotionally stable and mentally healthier. A counselor can guide you in making difficult decisions and support you as you work towards a better life.

Counseling Does Not Have To Be Expensive. Online Therapy Is Affordable, Easy & Secure.
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Where to Find a Counselor

You can find a counselor near you or select online therapy for both convenience and confidentiality. Counseling clinics or private practice counselors are likely available in your area unless you live in a remote location. Online counselors, of course, can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection.

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