What Are The Different Types Of Mental Health Counseling Services?

By Sarah Fader

Updated December 21, 2018

Reviewer Wendy Boring-Bray, DBH, LPC

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Most people in search for a counseling service will most likely choose a mental health counseling service. These types of counseling services are general as they can help with issues such as physical illness, loss, and relationships to those who have an otherwise healthy state of mind. Mental health counseling services can also benefit the elderly and those who have bipolar disorder.

Types of Mental Health Counseling Services

There are certain mental health professionals who are licensed for a particular type of therapy or service. Below are just a few of the mental health counseling services that are available.

Clinical social workers are usually available in hospitals or in a hospital-like setting and will be able to make diagnoses as they provide individual and group counseling. They also help with the study, treatment, and prevention of mental illnesses.

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Those struggling with substance abuse should consider receiving help from a certified alcohol and drug abuse counselor, who is trained for these types of recoveries exclusively.

They will work with anyone who is suffering with substance abuse issues, from teens to veterans, and they can help in times of serious crisis. In a session, you will explain your situation and the counselor will determine the root of your abuse problem. Options will be discussed on how you can cope with your addiction, and they will come up with the best way for you to recover from it.

You can also have mental health issues that are caused by a relationship. Marital and family therapists are available to help those who are struggling in intimate or family relationships. They tend to focus on the change of dysfunctional patterns within these relationships in favor of a stronger connection with your partner or family member(s).

Peer specialists, on the other hand, are unique counselors who have experience in recovering from certain ailments or troubling situations. They provide extraordinarily useful advice for those struggling, while encouraging their peers or clients to recover or heal.

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Then, of course, there are mental health counselors. They provide a generic range of services including assessment and diagnosis of mental illnesses, alcoholism and substance abuse treatment, prevention programs, crisis management, and much more.


Another option in mental health counseling services is BetterHelp, a website that allows clients to be matched with a therapist that is right for them and to communicate with them through messaging or by phone or video chat at any time that suits them.

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