When Is Restoration Counseling The Right Choice?

By Danni Peck

Updated December 06, 2018

Reviewer Wendy Boring-Bray, DBH, LPC

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Restoration counseling is a therapy model that can help heal marriages and family issues. This type of counseling guides clients who are struggling with many types of mental health issues, some of the issues addressed with restoration counseling are substance abuse problems, marital problems, adolescent and family issues. When is restoration counseling the right choice? When you decide that restoring your life to a more functional state is important to your mental well-being.

What is Restoration Counseling?

Restoration counseling works to heal and guide the individual back to a more productive state of being. This type of therapy includes guidance and healing for both individuals and groups. Restorative counseling uses techniques designed to accentuate the healing effects of positive faith-based behaviors.

Source: pxhere.com

Through a therapeutic relationship with a restoration counselor, clients are given positive direction and guidance as they navigate through the emotions and behaviors that must be realized and understood so the healing process can begin. This type of therapy is particularly helpful to families and marriages that need faith-based positive insight and guidance. With the help a restoration counselor, choices, behaviors, and emotions are explored and put into a new perspective.

When is Restoration Counseling the Right Choice?

Restoration counseling is the right choice for those who want to make changes in the way they relate to others, the environment, and to themselves. This type of therapy and counseling focuses on the individual and how their behaviors affect their relationships. Restorative therapy is all about learning to make changes in the way you relate to your social surroundings. Healing begins as you recognize how much of an impact your emotions, thoughts, and actions affect others.

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Therapy through restoration counseling is based in Christian teachings. Restoration counseling is the right choice if you believe that guidance and healing through faith-based counseling will benefit you. Restoration counseling focuses on the positive aspects of compassion, understanding, and respect as the therapy guides you away from placing blame or struggling with guilt.

Restoration Counseling and the Christian Worldview

Restoration counselors practice psychology with a Christian worldview. Therapies include research from many different schools of thought but they are always viewed through a faith-based understanding. Compassion, love, hope, and understanding are some of the positive affirmations of restoration counseling, but they are not the only focus of this counseling.

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The aim of restoration counseling is to restore the individual to a productive, well-balanced life with renewed hope and happiness. This type of counseling shares a similar therapy model with the popular Alcoholics Anonymous organization that focuses on a Christian worldview and faith based guidance, to help those with addiction achieve recovery.

A Christian worldview provides individuals who belong to the Christian faith a mental health resource that will help them restore their lives. This counseling focuses on the spiritual and the mental needs of clients. Restoration counseling is not unique in the techniques and therapies used, it is unique because it comes from a religious perspective.

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