Defense Mechanisms Articles

Defense mechanisms are strategies that we use to cope with strong feelings. People use these behaviors to protect themselves from feeling pain. Defense mechanisms are subconscious feelings that prompt us to protect ourselves fear, anger, anxiety and maintain our self-esteem. Common defense mechanisms include behaviors such as denial, suppression, projection, and repression.

The articles in this section focus on the defense mechanisms that serve to protect us from feeling emotional pain. Learning about these behaviors helps us to have better emotional insight. We can learn how to cope with our feelings and develop long lasting relationships based on owning our own feelings as opposed to blaming others for how we feel.

The Splitting Defense Mechanism - How It Can Damage Your Relationships Without You Knowing

The Defense Mechanism Defense mechanisms are put in place by us to protect us, but often to the detriment of our emotional well-being. They ward off and defend us from...

Rationalization: Defense Mechanism Or Logical Fallacy

For things to make sense, they have to be rational. As such, it seems that “rationalization” would be a good thing – making sense of things. In psychology and logic, however,...

Psychological Defense Mechanisms You May See In Therapy

Not all patients are as forthcoming with important information as you would like them to be. Even if they are, they will most likely have certain defense mechanisms in place...

What Is The Projection Defense Mechanism And How It Works  

Many of us get defensive whenever we are criticized or upset. We all want to be self-aware and improve ourselves, but some of us cannot put it into practice when it becomes...

Why Intellectualization Is Not Always Healthy

Do you find yourself avoiding emotions, especially negative ones? Maybe you even avoid admitting to positive feelings you have. Whenever feelings become too much to deal with,...

Defense mechanisms are gut emotional reactions to when we feel like other people are attacking us. Working with an online therapist is a great way to learn how to manage your emotional reactions to things. Search from an extensive list of counselors who can help you work through your feelings and support you on your journey to wellness.
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