BetterHelp Customer Service: Quick Answers To Your Questions

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Looking to connect with BetterHelp Customer Service? BetterHelp is the largest online therapy platform globally, so its member success is strong. And our BetterHelp customer service team is here to assist you and your needs 24/7!

Do you have a question or concern about BetterHelp customer service or mental health services? First, check out our frequently asked questions page for the quickest answers.

If you still need to ask for help, you can fill out this quick form to get in touch with our customer service team or email us at

BetterHelp Customer Service: Quick Answers To Your Questions

Now, onto useful tidbits and answers to some of the most common questions we receive. And if you’re ready, get started with finding a BetterHelp therapist today!

Do you have questions about billing? Concerns about refunds? What about any ideas or feedback you have? Do you want to speak to a psychologist before starting therapy? Are you just curious about BetterHelp online therapy and what it involves? We’ve got the answers to some of your most frequently asked questions that might resolve your curiosity and needs.

We also want to provide general information on what BetterHelp offers, specifics of our therapy services, costs, and the greater BetterHelp community. A more extensive list of our FAQs can be found here.

If you are in a crisis or someone you know is in danger, do not use this site or attempt to contact Customer Service. These resources can provide you with more immediate help.


Below are answers to common questions about the cost of BetterHelp therapy.

Is BetterHelp Worth The Money?

BetterHelp believes therapy is one of the most important investments you can make in your overall well-being. Untreated mental health conditions, neglected mental illnesses, and general life stressors often wear our emotional and physical health down and negatively impact our work and relationships.

By paying for weekly sessions with a BetterHelp licensed therapist, you can address your concerns, goals, anxieties, and challenges with someone dedicated to supporting your mental health. BetterHelp weekly counseling sessions range from $60 to $90 (billed every four weeks). The overall cost will vary slightly, depending on the experience of your therapist, your location, and your preferred methods of communication. This is significantly cheaper than the cost of traditional in-person therapy, which can be as much as $200 per session.

If you decide you are not getting the value you wanted out of BetterHelp therapy, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Why Is BetterHelp So Expensive?

BetterHelp offers online therapy, which some may initially think is not as legitimate as traditional in-person therapy. If you believe this, the price of our therapy may sound expensive to you. However, BetterHelp is not only a legitimate therapy platform; we offer services from over 20,000 fully licensed and experienced therapists, psychologists, and counselors, all conveniently located on our online platform for significantly easier access than in-person therapy. You’re not restricted to finding a therapist in your particular town or city. With so many professionals to choose from at BetterHelp, you’re significantly more likely to find one with who you not only connect with but who has the right skills, experience, and approach to help you with your particular needs.

BetterHelp makes therapy affordable for millions of people. Our sessions are often cheaper than visits with in-person therapists. BetterHelp also grants financial aid for those who need additional assistance in affording therapy.

Online counseling with BetterHelp is a great alternative to traditional therapy for many reasons:

  • Often lower in cost than co-payments for traditional therapy treatments.
  • Convenience: online therapy can be conducted virtually anywhere you have an internet connection or from the comfort of your own home. It can be at any time that works with you and your therapist’s schedule each week.
  • Easy access: many people don’t have access to therapy offices or therapists with the expertise they require for their unique needs. Get help from a professional wherever and whenever you need it.

Aside from the benefits of online therapy, BetterHelp itself maintains a high standard of mental health care. All our therapists are licensed, accredited, and experienced professionals. 

Medication And Diagnoses

Answers to common questions about medication and diagnoses through BetterHelp therapy.

Can BetterHelp Prescribe Medication?

BetterHelp therapists cannot prescribe medication to clients. They are mental health practitioners, not medical personnel, meaning they aren’t qualified or given permission from BetterHelp to write prescriptions.

BetterHelp members considering medication, especially those living with severe mental health conditions or illnesses, should visit their primary care physician or a psychiatrist to address their medication needs.

Can You Be Diagnosed Through BetterHelp?

No, you cannot be diagnosed with a mental illness through BetterHelp. Many counselors and therapists are qualified to diagnose their clients, but the BetterHelpTerms of Service policy disclaims the use of BetterHelp online therapy “for the provision of clinical diagnosis.”

The BetterHelp Community

Answers to common questions about how BetterHelp serves its community.

What Does BetterHelp Do For Its Community?

BetterHelp not only serves millions with quality online therapy services and content, but we aim to help under-resourced individuals and provide equitable access to care for communities in need. To do this, we have launched some powerful social impact initiatives. So far, we’ve made some exciting progress:

  • Donated 2,500 free months of therapy to those affected by crises, natural disasters, and violence nationwide.
  • In 2021 alone, we donated over 3,000 months’ worth of therapy to a wide range of communities throughout the U.S.
  • Granted over $65 million in financial aid to cover therapy costs for low-income individuals.

And we’re not stopping there. For updates on supporting communities, visit the BetterHelp LinkedIn page.

Does BetterHelp Own Pride Counseling?

Pride Counseling, an online counseling service for the LGBTQ+ community, is a subsidiary of BetterHelp. Launched in 2017, Pride Counseling offers affordable and convenient virtual Therapy to US and UK therapy seekers. All their counselors and therapists have expertise in the unique mental health struggles that LGBTQ+ members face.

Privacy And Security

Answers to common questions about the security of your private information.

We take anonymity, security, and privacy very seriously at BetterHelp. All the information exchanged between you, and your therapist happens over a highly encrypted system, and messages you exchange are encrypted with bank-grade 256-bit encryption.

Canceling Subscriptions And Refunds

Answers to common questions about canceling your BetterHelp subscription and how refunds work.

Can You Cancel BetterHelp Subscription?

Are you wondering, “Can I cancel BetterHelp and get a refund?” We’d be sad to see you go, but if you decide you want to cancel your BetterHelp subscription, it’s possible to do so at any time. Follow these easy steps to cancel your subscription:

  1. Login to your BetterHelp account.
  2. If you are currently receiving therapy, head to Menu>My Account >Payment Settings >Quit therapy.
  3. Once you complete these steps, head back to Menu >My Account>Personal Information, and click on Request Erasure.

Once you have successfully canceled your service, you will receive a confirmation email from BetterHelp. If you still have questions, you can reach out to BetterHelp customer service.

Wanting a refund? BetterHelp does offer refunds on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out to customer service to discuss the possibility of a refund.

How Do I Get My Money Back From BetterHelp?

BetterHelp offers refunds to some customers, considering each case individually. You must meet their criteria to receive your money back. Start by contacting BetterHelp at, and explain your valid reason or complaint about not being satisfied with the services provided.

Make sure to mention the compensation you wish to be refunded. If they accept your request, you will be directed to call them at 888-688-9296. Make sure you have your personal and account information on hand.

Contact BetterHelp Customer Service Today

Get in touch with BetterHelp customer service today. We are here to help answer any of your questions, listen to your concerns, or receive feedback! If our frequently asked questions don’t resolve what you’re looking for, you can:

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  • National Hopeline Network: 1-800-SUICIDE (784-2433)
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  • AIDS Crisis Line: 1-800-221-7044
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  • TransLifeline: – 877-565-8860

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