Strengthen Your Relationship With 11 Fun Love Apps For Couples

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In 2023, there are several love apps that couples might download to get to know each other on a deeper level and have fun. You might use an app to ask each other questions, discuss intimacy preferences, or play a game together for a fun date night at home. Try the following 11 love apps for couples to see if there’s one you’d enjoy. 

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Strengthen your relationship with these apps


The Paired app is available on Android and iOS and allows you and your partner to sign up for separate accounts on each of your personal devices, such as a cellphone. Each day, the app will send you new question prompts. 

You will answer each set of questions and then guess what your partner’s answers will be. They will do the same. After you’ve both responded to the questions, your answers will be revealed, and you and your partner can have a text conversation or discuss the answers in person. You can also track your special dates in a couple’s calendar for the two of you. 

The app is free, but you may have to pay for premium features. 


The Between app is available on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac operating systems. It allows couples to share important dates, calendars, events, photos, and more. When you sign up, it will prompt you to create an access code. Your partner will have to download the app and have an access code. Once you both put in your codes, the app will allow you to divulge any information with your partner, which they will receive on their app with a notification. Between is a free app.  

Gottman Card Decks

The Gottman Card Decks app is available on Google Play and iTunes. This is one of the best apps for couples! The app supplies questions meant to increase intimacy and emotional connection between couples. The Gottman Institute developed the app as a tool for improving relationships. It also offers relationship advice and date ideas. The app is free to use. You can find specific categories of questions and ideas, including: 

  • Appreciation

  • Sex questions

  • Expressing needs

  • Expressing empathy 

  • Listening tips 

  • Love maps

  • Open-ended questions 

You and your partner can use the app on one device or two. To use it, answer the questions in each deck and discuss your answers. 

Intimately Us

Intimately Us is an app available on Android and iPhone. It was developed to allow couples to improve their sex life through intimacy tips, games, date ideas, and organization. In the app, you can create a list of your sexual preferences, discuss potential fantasies with your partner, and create a bucket list of sexual activities. 

Each day, the app offers a challenge that can allow you to try new sexual or intimate activities with your partner if you feel safe doing so. You can complete the activities on one or two devices. You’ll need an account to sign up, and the app is focused on heterosexual couples, so you might not find it useful if you’re an LGBT couple. The app is also free but requires a subscription for premium features. 

Love Nudge

Love Nudge is one of the best relationship apps out there because it’s focused on the five love languages by Gary Chapman. You’ll be prompted to take a quiz to learn your love languages when you sign up. Your partner can do the same on their device. After taking the quiz, you’ll get a love language profile showing your percentage for each. 

Once you connect your app with your partner’s app, the app will give you goals you can complete to fulfill activities that might satisfy your partner’s love language. For example, if your partner has a love language of primarily physical touch, the app might give you a love nudge to hold their hand or hug them as a surprise. The app is free, and most features are available to all who download it. 


The Honeydue app is a financial app for couples on Android and iOS. In the app, you can track your finances, bills, and shared income in the same place. You can assign specific bills to one partner or the other and organize them by the level of importance. The app also offers a messaging system and the potential to enroll for a shared Visa to improve your financial habits. Most of the features of Honeydue are free to use. You will have to send an invite code to your partner for them to use the app on their device.  


PathShare is an app marketed towards couples who want to share each other’s location with their partner throughout the day. It is available on Android and iOS. To get started, create an account and start a live location-sharing event. Then, invite your partner to it with a link. Once they’ve joined, they can check your location. You can decide how long the location-sharing services are turned on and when to turn them off. 

This app may be used as a tool for safety or clarity. However, do not force someone to give you their location or use the app to follow someone else, as this can be considered stalking and harassment. The app is free to use. 



Couply is a fun love app for couples on Android and iPhone. It provides games, quizzes, and tips for couples looking to increase connection. Some of the games that may be available include: 

  • Learning your attachment style

  • Learning your love style

  • Quizzes about your first impressions of your partner 

The app is free, but you may have to pay for premium features and quizzes. Once you connect with your partner through the app, you can also note special dates, share your calendar, and message your partner. 


The iPassion app is available on Android and iOS. The app aims to help couples openly discuss their fetishes and sexual interests to increase intimacy in the bedroom. The app has 20 levels with ten questions each about your sexual interests, which increase in intensity the higher you go. 

Once you and your partner download the app and connect through your connection code, you can see each other’s answers and discuss them in a chat. The app is free, but you may have to pay for premium question packs. 


WeFeel is an app available on Android and iPhone specifically marketed toward couples looking to gain the spark back in a relationship with challenges. It includes games, quizzes, and tips to help you and your partner increase intimacy in your relationship. As you complete relationship goals, you will progress within the app. The app encourages your partner to complete the same goals to keep on the same track as you. 

The app also tracks your progress in the following areas: 

  • Intimacy

  • Complicity

  • Shared knowledge

  • Empathy

  • Shared Commitment

  • Repair

  • Communication

The app is free to use, and many of its features are free. However, you may have to pay for premium features. 


BetterHelp is an app and website that allows you to meet with a counselor from home. It is available on Android and iOS or through your preferred browser. Although online therapy is not free, it is often much cheaper than traditional therapy, saving many hundreds of dollars per month on therapy costs. Additionally, you can choose whether you meet with a therapist through phone, video, or live chat sessions. Individual counseling may help you make improvements in your relationship and learn more about healthy relationship behaviors. You can also discuss any conflicts you might be having with your partner. 

Studies show that 71% of individuals who tried online counseling found it preferable and more effective than in-person counseling. If you’re interested in getting started, signing up takes a few minutes, and you will be matched with a counselor within 48 hours. If you want the couple’s equivalent to BetterHelp, platforms like Regain allow you to connect with a couples therapist similarly. 

Strengthen your relationship with these apps


There are many apps marketed to couples in 2023. Whether you’re in a face-to-face relationship or in a long-distance relationship, consider trying the apps above to learn more about your partner, increase intimacy, and have fun in the process. If you have relationship struggles, conflicts, or concerns, you can sign up for an online therapy app. To get started, reach out to a counselor for further guidance.

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