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Many people look at or have looked at, pornography. It’s a subject that few like to talk about, but many observe in private. It’s been a staple of the Internet since the time when it took hours just to view a short video. Because of its taboo nature, discussing and studying porn is frowned upon. But we believe that it’s worth discussing, especially in the context of mental health.

You can find articles about pornography, from facts and statistics to articles about porn addiction. Is porn really addictive as some will say it is? If so, how does one treat the addiction?

Negative Pornography Effects & Studies: The Bad, In Marriage, And On The Brain

Porn. Despite being a taboo when it comes to discussion, everyone watches it or has watched it. The Internet is made up of porn, and people from all walks of life watch it. The...

How To Manage Pornography Addiction

In our society, pornography is everywhere. In fact, according to, just one top pornography site, Pornhub, received a staggering 28.5 billion visits in 2017 alone...

While there is no shame in looking at pornography, over-consumption can lead to marriage issues, depression, and isolation. Thankfully, an online counselor isn’t here to judge, but instead, teach you ways to cope with your possible addiction. If you think you have a problem, do not be afraid to talk to a professional so they can help you. It’s only shameful if you make it out to be.
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