Punishment Articles

Punishment is implementing a consequence that is unpleasant or painful to one person, or a group of people. Someone in authority imposes it; in the case of a child being punished that authority figure is the parent. In a group of people, it could be a government organization like the prison system. The goal of punishment is to enforce discipline on a person or group of people. Some disciplines are in response to an action that a person did that was against a set of rules while other punishments are imposed with no reason at all.

Here you will find articles about different types and instances of punishment, whether they relate to children, adults or groups of individuals. You will learn about the psychology behind punishment and why people punish others.

What Is Vicarious Punishment And How Does It Work?

Vicarious punishment might sound to some like a helpful way to teach children the consequences of bad behavior. Actually, people of all ages learn in this way, and it isn’t...

The Long And Short Term Effects Of Self-Punishment

To understand the concept of self-punishment, as well as the effects that it can have on our lives, we have to take a look at the foundation that it is built on. First and...

What Is Corporal Punishment?

The official corporal punishment definition is “to intentionally cause physical pain to another person as a form of punishment.” Generally, a parent will define corporal...

6 Examples Of Capital Punishment

The use of capital punishment is widely debated in today’s society, both in the United States and around the globe. It is still a common form of punishment for extreme cases of...

10 Positive Punishment Techniques & Their Effect

As a parent, it is natural to wonder the best way to teach your child right from wrong. There are many different thoughts on the appropriate way to train and raise your children...

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