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Stereotypes are generalizations about a group of people. Whether a person is facing discrimination based on race, religion, age, gender or sexual orientation, stereotypes are false and can lead to prejudices. People begin to assume that all people of a particular group behave in a specific way or look the same. Stereotypes are dangerous to our society because they don’t account for individuality. Each human being has an identity that doesn’t relate exclusively to being a member of a group.

Here you will find articles about the origins of stereotypes and how they currently influence our thinking as a society. You will read about how you may actively participate in stereotyping people without knowing it. If you’ve experienced racism, religious discrimination or any other marginalization, it can be painful and make you feel like you’re not a part of the society. You’ll read about ways to deal with being stereotyped in various settings and how you can cope.

How Gender Stereotypes In The Media Harm Society

Gender stereotypes, in general, have a massive impact on our society. Both men and women are frequently harmed by the adaptation of gender stereotypes in the workplace, in the...

What Are Some Common Stereotypes, And Why?

Stereotypes are, in a word, terrible. Even good stereotypes are terrible. Why? Because no two individuals are the same, so to put a label on a group of people who are assumed to...

How High School Stereotypes Hurt Teens

Teens entering high school are intensely aware of negative stereotypes related to their group membership. There are stereotypes about gender, sexuality, race, religion, and...

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