Adolescence Articles

Your teenage years can be the best years of your life, or they can be quite a crisis. There are so many changes happening to your body, and you’re just discovering who you are. You’re learning who you’re attracted to, where you want to go when you graduate and are trying out new things.

For teenagers, these articles help to learn more about what’s going on with your bodies. For parents, you can learn how to raise your child once they reach teenage years. Should you let them have fun, or should you keep an eye on them? Read some of these articles to find out.

Cognitive Development In Adolescence: Why It’s Important To Know How Your Child’s Mind Works

Seeing into the mind of an adolescent takes more than memories of your childhood. You also need to be willing to look beyond your own childhood experiences and learn from others...

Changes To Expect In Late Adolescence

When we talk about adolescence, we generally think of teens and pre-teens, but did you know that adolescence can be broken down into three separate parts? Early adolescence...

Adolescent Brain Development And What It Means

Trying to understand what’s going on in the head of your teen can be frustrating and confusing. You never know from one day to the next how he is going to behave! One day,...

Adolescent Psychology: What Makes Teens Different, And How Can Psychology Help?

Adolescence is a time of great change for teens as well as everyone involved in their lives. The teen has to develop their identity and independence. At the same time, they face...

Adolescent Age Range And What It Means

We feel your pain. We really do. One minute your teen is demanding adult responsibilities like driving privileges and a later curfew. The next she is whining about being...

What Is Adolescent Egocentrism, And How Can I Deal With It As A Parent?

As your child’s brain matures, they tend to go through a shift in a perspective called adolescent egocentrism. What is that? It’s a particular way of seeing themselves and...

18 Areas Of Normal Adolescent Behavior

Raising children is not easy, and it only gets more difficult when they reach adolescence. Adolescents are in an awkward stage between childhood and adulthood that often leaves...

Coping with Eating Disorders in Adolescence

When it comes to adolescent eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa, bulimianervosa, and compulsive or binge eating, early intervention is key. You want to get a handle on it...

Helping A Young Person With Adolescent Drug Use

Anyone can become addicted to drugs at any age. During adolescence however, you want to address the issue at the first signs of a problem.  That way patterns of behavior are stopped...

Adolescent Depression - It's Increasing, But How Do We Stop It?

We have an epidemic that is sweeping the nation—adolescent depression. The youth are our future, and yet we see that they are struggling more and more year after year with...

An Overview of the Adolescence Definition

Adolescence is defined as “the transitional period between puberty and adulthood in human development, extending mainly over the teen years and terminating legally when the age...

Coping With Bullying in Schools

While it has recently become a hot-button topic, school bullying has been a problem for generations. Heck, one of the most beloved Christmas films ever – A Christmas Story –...

Understanding adolescence is a good thing for many parents to focus on. That’s because it’s a time period where changes happen to your child, ones that you may not be used to. Oftentimes, fighting and arguments happen, but if you know why your child is acting the way that they are, you’ll be able to handle the situation a lot easier. 

As a parent, it’s incredibly important to understand adolescence and to understand why a child’s brain may act the way that it does. 


Understanding Child Development 


Adolescents are still children, but their mindsets may not be. Cognitive development happens, and it’s incredibly important to understand why your child may lash out, why they may hide in their room for more often. 

Here, you’ll read articles on what to expect, and the brain development that happens, and why they act this way. Understanding what’s going on in your kid’s head can be a nightmare. Let’s face it, it’s probably more complicated than you care to deal with. 

But, by understanding why they act the way that you do, you’ll be able to learn from it and understand why they are acting the way they are. 


Even Late Adolescence Needs to Be Understood 


Late adolescence is a very important subject to understand as well. That’s because it’s when your child becomes a young adult, and it’s time period where they're trying to figure out their life. This can be incredibly hard for teens to understand since they often feel like nothing is understood, and everything is changing. But, with these articles, you’ll be able to help guide your child through each of the stages of adolescence and help them better understand themselves. That way, they’ll be happier, and healthier both mentally and physically. 


Getting a Grip on Those Natural Behaviors 


Some adolescents show changes that are different from what you may be used to as a parent. For example, during puberty, testosterone levels in boys increase, and they might be a bit more aggressive. While it may be a temporary action, it might be a bit shocking.

Our articles will tell you about some areas of adolescence that can be incredibly hard to understand as a parent, but by doing so, you’ll be able to build a connection with your child, in order to help them better understand themselves. 

Adolescence is a strange period for children. That's because they are experiencing changes, new frustrations, stresses, and other aspects of themselves they may not be used to. However, the information we have here will help you talk to your child, and will help you understand. 

Plus, we’ll tell you when it’s not just them acting out or acting like an adolescent, and when it’s time for you to get help for them. 


Helping Adolescents Cope with Disorders 


Bulimia, drug abuse, and other issues that come forward during adolescence can be hard for parents to understand. Adolescents are incredibly impressionable, and their peers will often prompt them to make poor decisions. 

But, there are actual disorders that start to pop up in adolescence. Eating disorders in adolescents are incredibly common, and oftentimes, they may struggle with these, but they’re unable to cry for help. As a parent, if you start to notice they’re abusing substances, or they’re struggling with eating and other problems, you should help them with this information. These articles will help arm you with the information necessary to help cope with the worst of disorders, so your child isn’t suffering on their own. 


Depression Information for Adolescents 


Depression is incredibly common in adolescents. It often shows itself even more so during this time period. Teen suicide has tripled since the 1960s, and it’s only going to get higher unless we do something about it. But, oftentimes we step in when it’s too late.

Many don’t take the time to help their child with their problems, get them the help they need, and talk to their kids about it. Luckily though, there are ways to cope with this, and there are ways for you as a parent to understand these issues.

You can help your child get ahold of their depression so they don’t become another statistic. Our articles will help you understand why they may not reach out for help, and how to recognize the signs so you can step in and help your child before it’s too late.

Adolescence is a rough time for many children, but luckily you can help them get ahold of themselves so they’re happier, and healthier too. 


Coping with Bullying 


Finally, we have articles on bullying. Bullying is quite common during the teenage years, and adolescence is a time period where bullying is experienced quite a lot.

It can be hard for a child to talk to you about their problems, especially if a bully is involved. There are so many types of bullying these days too, both offline and online, that it can be overwhelming for a child. As a parent, you need to understand why your child is getting bullied, and how you can help them stop the problem. Stopping a bully is never easy, but we’ve provided helpful resources such as videos in our articles to help you teach your child about bullying, and how they can be in control and stop it. We also will give you some tips and resources to help your child stop the bully, whether it be ignoring, being proactive, or taking back your life.

This is a huge issue for a lot of children, but our articles will help your child get ahold of their life, and stop this harassment in its tracks.

Adolescence is a time period where a lot is going on. Between high school, the fear of college, and the volatile future, it can be hard to cope with the feelings you or your child might be experiencing. New behaviors may crop up as a result of this time period too, and it’s up to you as a parent to understand and help your child live the best life they can. Our articles will help teach you about this, so you can help them cope with their problems in a positive manner. 

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