Individual Counselling: One-On-One Talk Therapy

Individual Counseling is Designed to Give You The Attention You Deserve
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Individual counselling is a therapy session which involves a single client who confides in a single psychiatrist. While there are many other counselling options available including family therapy, group therapy, and child therapy, if you are involved in an individual counselling session, you are the main priority of the session.

The purpose of such therapy is to place the client in a safe environment where he or she can discuss and analyze any issues he or she may have with a trained psychiatrist.

Who can Benefit from Individual Counselling?

The reasons for utilizing individual counselling are fairly general. That is, anyone can benefit from it regardless of their purposes. It can be from coping with grief, handling depression, psychological trauma, or even to learn more about one self. You do not need a serious excuse to see a therapist for this type of counselling, but individual counselling is not just any chat.


Individual counselling focuses on the well-being of the individual, which is whatever the individual requires at that moment.

When You Work One-on-one

Depending on what you are looking for and why you are seeking counselling in the first place, you can have anywhere from 5 sessions only or more than that over a few years.

You will be building a relationship with your therapist as you figure out who you are and what you want in your life through teamwork, communication, and expression.

Individual Counseling is Designed to Give You The Attention You Deserve
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Each session will involve discussions regarding situations that have bothered you, how you felt during those situations and what might have caused you to feel such emotions. These expressions are set upon your level of comfort and trust with your therapist.

The more comfortable you are with your psychiatrist, the more you will confide in them. They will begin to understand you better and will be able to give you an analysis and the proper assistance you need for your situation.

Where can We Schedule an Individual Counselling Session?

There are many options to choose from when deciding where to schedule your individual counselling. The most convenient location is at BetterHelp. This website will find the right therapist for you based on what your main concerns are.

With a variety of trained psychiatrists, each focused on a certain therapy style or client interest, you will be able to speak to and work with a psychiatrist who is knowledgeable about your dilemma and can act as a listener, advisor, professional, and friend.

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