The Benefits Of Online Mental Health Counseling

Updated November 09, 2018

Reviewer Lori Jones, LMHC


Despite the welcome advances awareness of mental health matters has made over the past decade or two, an enormous number of people who can benefit from professional assistance still do not have easy access to talk therapy. This is especially damaging in the case of problems where "a stitch in time" can avert much more serious issues, such as in the case of addiction or relationship trouble. Fortunately, the increasing popularity of online mental health counseling is improving the situation, bringing essential healthcare within the reach of more and more people.

A Wider Reach

Anyone having to resolve mental health issues should have access to a qualified therapist, but this may not always be possible. What options does someone have if he lives in a remote area, travels frequently or lives in a foreign country? More pertinently in many cases, what if he has to decide between paying for conventional therapy sessions or filling his gas tank?


Even if a person opts for traditional, face to face counseling, he will likely search for a suitable therapist online. He might be looking for a mental health professional with a particular specialization, such as treating depression, but while a local therapist may indicate what conditions he is capable of treating, this gives little indication of whether or not a particular patient will "click" with this counselor. Typically, a website advertising a psychologist's practice will not display the rates charged with any kind of prominence, which by itself may be enough to discourage potential patients who happen to be in poor shape financially.

Online mental health counseling offers a detour around many of these difficulties. A large pool of therapists is available to match a patient, comprising any specialization you can think of, and switching from one to another is basically effortless. Fees are extremely affordable compared to therapy in a traditional setting, while counseling is available at any time of the day or night, from any location where the internet can be accessed from.Online Mental Health Counseling


Extensive research has shown the positive effects of online therapy to be very similar to traditional methods, for any condition where inpatient care is not required. These services place patients in contact with vetted, qualified and licensed medical professionals with a minimum of overhead costs, allowing large numbers of previously untreated sufferers to obtain counseling for nearly any mental health condition, from anywhere in the world.

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