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 Akishna Glasper-Williams (LCSW) Latest review for: Akishna Glasper-Williams (LCSW)
O.S. wrote 1 day ago:

"Akishna is amazing. She is so positive and professional. My goals feel more accessible after speaking with her. If you have a choice, choose Akishna!"

 Dr. Smith (PhD LCMHC) Latest review for: Dr. Lonnie Smith (PhD LCMHC)
D.A. wrote 1 day ago:

"Dr. Smith has been a great patient listener and given very thoughtful and sound advice. I am very grateful for his skillset and his emotional intelligence. "

 Dr. Owen Jimenez (Psy.D) Latest review for: Dr. Karen Owen Jimenez (Psy.D)
T.E. wrote 1 day ago:

"Dr. Owen is always professional and genuinely cares about me & my well being. She is very good at helping me stay on track. "

 Ungria Castillo (MA,LMHC) Latest review for: Ungria Castillo (MA,LMHC)
C.H. wrote 2 days ago:

"I love Ungrua! She is so calming and makes me feel so comfortable. She gives me great feedback and is understanding. "

 Roshonda Guest (MA,LCDC,LPC) Latest review for: Roshonda Guest (MA,LCDC,LPC)
L.E. wrote 3 days ago:

"I absolutely love talking with Roshonda. Her perspective on certain topics are refreshing and uplifting. I admire her approach and always look forward to hearing her advice."

 Joe Navarro  (MS,LMFT) Latest review for: Joe Navarro (MS,LMFT)
E.D. wrote 3 days ago:

"Joe was a thoughtful and attentive throughout our sessions. Would recommend him to anyone dealing with stress or uncertainty in there life. "

 Monica Herwald  (MSW,LICSW) Latest review for: Monica Herwald (MSW,LICSW)
J.U. wrote 3 days ago:

"Talking with Monica is a highlight of my week. I feel like she really hears and understands me, and after a session, I always have a greater sense of clarity."

 Mardrey Kiles (MS,LPC,MHSP) Latest review for: Mardrey Kiles (MS,LPC,MHSP)
K.A. wrote 4 days ago:

"Mardrey is a very understanding, supportive, and honest counselor which is exactly what I need."