How can I deal with all my problems?

I have depression and anxiety, and anger issues that maybe bipolar. I just feel so overwhelmed at times and just get so angry. How can I handle it all?
Asked by PH


It sounds like you are dealing with mixed emotions and having difficulty understanding how to manage all of them. It is natural for people to experience anger, anxiety and have feelings of being overwhelmed. However, based upon the intensity, frequency and duration of your emotions, this will affect your mental health. The depression may be indicative of triggers from life stressors and the inability to appropriately address them. I'm curious about your perception of your issues as being "maybe bipolar". I would encourage you to gain more insight about bipolar disorder and how it relates to your depression, anxiety and anger symptoms. It is possible that you have depression but are experiencing anxiety and anger as a result of the depression. It is also possible that the anxiety can trigger the anger and depression. There are studies that show a relationship between both anxiety and depression. Typically, clients that suffer with depression also have anxiety and struggles with their mood (anger).

In order to address your mental health issues you must identify triggers. Your triggers are usually people, places, things and even thoughts that you notice effect your emotions, behaviors and overall functioning. Once you can identify your triggers, you can work on noticing them and using techniques/skills to manage the triggers. You mentioned feeling overwhelmed at times and getting "so angry". I would invite you to explore and process your anger. How do you define anger? Is it good or bad? When and how did you see anger displayed throughout your life? Most of what we say, do and think are based upon information and behaviors that we have learned from our environments. You may have had parents or other adults in your life that you watched struggle with certain people, things or situations and exhibit angry, aggressive body language, use angry, harsh words and express feelings of extreme anger or rage. If extreme anger was a common emotion demonstrated by others in your life, then it could have been viewed as "normal" and an acceptable emotion for most situations.

You should also explore depression and anxiety in the same manner. How do you define depression? Anxiety? Is it healthy to be sad and anxious at times? Have you observed others in your life that struggled with depression and anxiety? How did they manage their mental health issues? Can you recall times in your life when you weren't depressed, anxious or angry?

Can you recall times that you overcame challenging circumstances, reduced/decreased anxiety and depression, and were able to control your anger? If you can recall times that you were able to effectively manage feelings of being overwhelmed, anxious, depressed and angry, then you will be able to apply the same strategies/skills to your current issues.

I encourage you to reflect upon the individuals currently in your life and be sure to have a good support system to contact to avoid isolation, withdrawal or a feeling of loneliness. If you don't have a good support system, I implore you to consider therapy so that you have a "safe space" to process your current mental health issues.

In my opinion, you can overcome any mental health challenges through your commitment, consistency and capacity to process your emotions, thoughts and behaviors. Start your journey today with a Betterhelp therapist so that you can learn to handle your problems and improve your emotional, mental, and physical well being.