Optimism Answers

I want to get therapy but cannot afford it. What can I do?

I would first like to acknowledge and applaud your courage in seeking help from professionals regarding your mental health, this is an important first step and can often be very intimidating for people. Furthermore, I'm sorry that you are having such a difficult time trying to gain access to the support and services that you are currently seeking. I understand it is incredibly frustrating to be in need of something but feel like you can't access them.  I implore you to look at your seeking assistance for mental health as an investment in your future. Often times the things in life worthwhile do not come easily, so please do not give up on looking for assistance for your mental health. When you are mentally healthy you are able to make better and healthier decisions for yourself and your family which will pay off in ways that are immeasurable. There are always options available if you are willing to be flexible. The local agency will usually provide assistance with reduced payment or will offer several free sessions if you are will to discuss your situation with them. Some agencies offer introductory fees that will be at a reduced or lower cost for new customers. You can also look into non-profit organizations within your area that often provide free or low-cost therapy options.  Online therapy is another avenue that you can look into because they have various options that will help you get in contact with a mental health provider at a low cost. If you feel comfortable sharing in a group you could join group therapy which is often less expensive and provides a sense of not feeling so alone due to other people in the group having similar mental health struggles. You may have to put more effort into finding these services but they are out there to be found. I hope that you have found this helpful and I encourage you to look for an option that best fits you and your family's mental health needs. I promise you that it will be an endeavor that is incredibly helpful and life-changing in many positive ways.
Answered on 02/01/2021