I've never done therapy but wondering how therapy can help me make both big and small decisions.

I have been trying to get into vet school, I've applied 4 times. This last time I thought I was getting in for sure, I did volunteer work and got a job at a lab just in this past year to improve my application. I did not even get an interview. I was crushed when I got the email. I'm now wondering if this is the path I should still take or start focusing on growing a family with my husband as we have put this off until after school.
Asked by Carrie

Hello Carrie,

I cant imagine how difficult it has been for you getting multiple declines from vet school. I think first and foremost it must be identified that your perseverance in applying is an amazing strength. In therapy, we can make big and small changes through processing the thoughts and mindset that are leaving us feeling stuck and not happy and identify new thought patterns to help create the opposite. Together, we would also work on identifying and writing down your values. When we are able to identify what we value in life, making big life decisions becomes easier because we move towards alignment in our lives. 

Continuing school and/or starting a family are large choices but also put you in a phase of transition. Solving small term goals starts with what is in your power and control now. It sounds like veterinary school has been a strong passion of yours and I think identifying where this passion comes from as well as your long term life goals may help you in deciding how to move forward. 

Some questions that come to mind for you to possibly ponder: What has made you question that the vet school path is for you? Why did you originally choose this path? How do you view success and moments of failure? How have you made decisions in the past? Are there reoccurring thoughts that are keeping you in this "stuck" feeling? 

These questions can help you ponder what your next steps are and why you feel like you do at this moment. It's important to know that a change of course or path does not mean failure. Often times when we shift goals and plans we think "I'm giving up" but rather you are making active choices to ensure that your goals and life values align for ultimate happiness. When we find this sweet spot, you are able to live in your truth. I hope that you continue to seek what you desire and while the small and long term decisions may seem uncertain, you have the potential to make them when a little clarity entered your head space.