MidLife Crisis Answers

How can I gain confidence back, I'm going through anxiety and depression that my health is poor.

Hi J, Thank you for sharing this with me, I can understand how hard this is for you. Times like these appear to be very hopeless and can really impact our confidence negatively, and make it very difficult for us to remain positive. In times of a health crisis, there are many stressors that are pushing down on people, these include doctor visits, ongoing procedures, the side effects, the health issue itself and its physical and mental effects, the financial aspect of the situation, the medications and their side effects, stress from your loved ones, etc.  It becomes nearly impossible to handle this situation emotionally and can take a huge toll on one's emotional well-being. When having so many things to worry about, it's very difficult to focus on anything positive. However, it's the positivity- the only thing that can actually help us when facing such difficult times. A quote by Ralph Emerson "when it's dark enough, only then can you see the stars" has helped many. It is a very powerful quote, and does say a lot about situations like these. When there is too much stress, we need to look at all the positive aspects in our life, which can give a ray of hope. I know it is not easy-  but It is important, if you don't look at your future in a positive way then it becomes impossible to handle difficult situations. Think about your goals in life- your bucket list, who you want to spend your life with and keep them in mind at all times. There is absolutely nothing to be gained by being negative, it just makes the situation worse and also it impacts one's health very negatively, whereas a positive mindset has a good affect on one's health and many research studies have shown this. Having a positive outlook can cause lower levels of pain and distress, a healthier psychological well-being and even helps in creating resistance to illnesses. So, there is a lot to be gained by being positive. Ask yourself, what am I getting out of being stressed, being worried and being negative about my future? Absolutely nothing. However, you are losing a lot and that is what needs to be stopped. Now that we have discussed the importance of positivity, we need to see how we can implement positivity in our lives. I want you to start by writing a few sentences in a journal everyday. You can start with writing three things that you are grateful for in your daily life. I want you to take time on a daily basis to reflect on them.  Doing this will help you in regaining your confidence and in helping you become stronger emotionally.  I hope these tips were helpful and I wish you the best.  Best, Dr. Saima 
Answered on 06/19/2022