I need help dealing with my mood swings and anger.

Please help so I can receive the help I really need. I'm struggling with mood swings and anger
Asked by Butterfly

Hello. I would like to help you if I can.

Mood Swings and Anger

Anger results from feeling violated or let down or forgotten or abused.  When we learn to express and to deal with anger in a healthy way, we can usually mitigate the physical and mental effects of anger. It is when anger is stored within ourselves, unexpressed, that it becomes a problem. Generally, many people end up taking the anger out on themselves (calling self names, refusing to eat or eating too much, and many other types of expressions).  OR, they take the anger out on the people that they love and trust the most. Which is it for you?

Since you have accompanying mood swings, I tend to think you internalize the anger and store it up inside you. Maybe I'm wrong. But the mood swings in this scenario would likely be between Depression and Numb and Sleepy and Unmotivated and a few episodes of ultra-Excitement / Happiness. I'm just guessing.

For the mood swings, counter those with objectively true statements to yourself. If you feel especially down on yourself, counter that feeling with questions to yourself in trying to seek the objective truth. If you say, "You're stupid. You're a loser," counter that with the question "Am I measurably, truly stupid?" The answer will of course be "No."

Anger is a primary emotion that must find proper expression and management. We all get angry at times. We all feel offended or disappointed or unsettled or whatever. Some of us have VERY good reasons to be angry because of what others may have done to us.  Give yourself permission to be angry, but aim the anger at the source of the violation, the person or process that caused you to feel violated and hurt.

This is good prompt for Meditation and Consideration of your past and your present and your beliefs about your future: Name all the ways you've been hurt, write them down. Name all the ways you've been violated, write them down. Then work through each occurrence as best as you can while being sure to keep your thinking based in objective reality and truth.

I hope this helps. I wish you all the best.