Curious, any therapist certified in the Daring Way method?

Honestly, just feeling stuck at the moment. Dealing with some self-doubt and questions... maybe a little guilt. Recent death in the family. Also, a couple of major setbacks in life have led to some strength and confidence issues. Debating whether or not therapy is the right choice for me, but feel as though I need someone to talk a few things out with, challenge my mindset maybe, and get me out of my head. Thanks.
Asked by Sunny Side Up

I am not certified in the Daring Way Method, however, I wanted to respond to your question.

It sounds like there have been multiple factors in your life that have impacted your confidence and that you are experiencing increased self-doubt. Having someone to talk to, express these doubts, and challenge you and allow you to challenge yourself can be really helpful. As you mentioned, feeling stuck... therapy can help focus on the what and why of that feeling and work on ways to help you move out of that stuck feeling and back within normal functioning limits.

I noticed you also mentioned feelings of guilt. I would be curious to know what that guilt is relating to, and if you are able to at this moment identify the root of the guilt and why you are feeling this way. The guilt, and issues with strength and confidence also coincide, so I feel it would be important to also focus on that feeling of guilt as that is such a strong emotion that can truly take hold of us.

I would ask you to reflect on also how the death in your family has been impacting you. Has your mood shifted a lot since the death? What changes occurred that have continued to add to the every day stresses, has this impacted your confidence as well?

Therapy is something that can be super helpful and beneficial, and it is not for everyone, but I would challenge you to seek it out and see if it is something you can grow and learn from, as well as benefit from. If not, then at least you tried and then would know you put in the effort to help you improve mentally and get out of that stuck headspace.

That first step of starting therapy can be really hard, it is great that you proposed this question to receive feedback and potentially an answer on whether or not therapy is something you would like to move forward with.

I hope this was helpful, and provided you with some encouragement to take the next step and utilizing therapy services!