How can I snap myself out of my blah days?

Sometimes I feel like I just want to do nothing. I won't clean my house, take a shower, cook, nothing! I often lose focus too. I sometimes have little to no motivation to accomplish goals and these behaviors are holding me back.
Asked by Rae

Hi Rae,

I am so glad that you reached out for some help with this. If you are anything like me, those "blah days" come a lot more frequently in these cold winter months without a lot of sunshine! 

As a therapist, some of the first things that I like to look for in my clients are their strengths! I can already see a lot of your strengths just in that little bit of information that you wrote. The first one is that you want to make positive changes, as evidenced by you asking this question. The other good thing I see here is that you want to have the motivation, and you see what the issues are. You know a lot more about yourself than I do. Remind yourself what your other strengths are. You can look at these as motivation to move yourself forward. 

Are these behaviors a result of burn out? Is there an area of your life where you are giving more of yourself than you have? Something that can help with this is setting better boundaries. Make sure the people in your life that require your attention know your limits and don't let them push you past those limits. Maybe you need to identify those for yourself. Setting boundaries can be difficult but very much worth it. Have you heard to saying, "you can't pour from an empty cup?" This could be the situation that you are putting yourself in. Remember to take time for yourself. 

On the other hand, if you are in a pattern or habit of not accomplishing your goals, little things can feel like big things. Look at little things as accomplishments. Do you have a sink full of dishes that needs done? Doing half of those dishes is still more dishes than you had done before you started. Doing one load of laundry is more laundry than was done before. Recognize and praise yourself for reaching those little goals. 

The last piece of advice that I am going to offer you is to give yourself some grace. Sometimes, it is okay to do nothing. Sometimes you need that, and it is okay. 

I hope this helps!