Why can't I ever "relax"?? I can be doing nothing and my head can have a million thoughts at once

For example, I have failed tests not because of anything wrong but because I'm always in my head and overthinking my next move in life. The only time it doesn't happen is when I'm asleep but I feel like I barely sleep
Asked by Gen

Often people find it difficult to  relax and switch off their mind. Overthinking is very common. It does not   mean there's anything wrong with you. It may mean you have not found an outlet to help you unwind and that you may have lots of things racing in your mind that you are not able to process, perhaps from the past or currently. It is always good to explain how you're feeling with somebody close to you and who you can trust. As this can often help you feel lighter and able to communicate some of the things on your mind that maybe troubling you. It can also help you organize your thoughts and put things in  perspective so you do not feel so overwhelmed.

If you don't feel like explaining how you're feeling with others, journalling can be another extremely helpful option. By writing down your thoughts and feelings on a piece of paper or even  typing a message journals on your phone, there are some journal  apps that you can download as well that some people find helpful-it can offer some clarity and be helpful in helping  you concentrate on the things that are important to you and help you to identify any patterns or triggers to your overthinking. Practicing, mindfulness when you are feeling overwhelmed, in the form of meditation can help you discover your more  positive thoughts and perhaps help you focus more on emotions that make you feel happier. For example, a positive memory or perhaps when you were able to overcome personal challenges from the past. Gentle exercise, such as yoga or even going for a walk can also be great ways of clearing your mind in the present moment

Often it's good to try to listen to some soothing music before bedtime and aim to establish a good sleep routine.  This can help you feel more rested if you are having difficulties with your sleep patterns. It's also really good to think about advice you may offer to a friend  and show yourself the same compassion and understanding towards yourself by not judging yourself harshly for overthinking. As often overthinking can be channeled into something that you will find more helpful and  productive. For example  hobbies or any  interests you may have had previously that you can revisit or discover new ones that can help you feel more confident and able to reach any goals that you may have set for yourself.