How do I keep myself from letting my anger get the best of me?

Young mother taking care of her son, mother, and young niece. As well as doing up keep of two households. I'm suffering from postpartum depression, anxiety, and rage.
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Hi, great questions and thanks for the background.

Anger is an emotion that gives us insight as to what we are experiencing. Many people verbalize their anger while others keep it in. What is your anger telling you? A lot of times our society and/or our upbringing showed us to keep our anger inside or to cover up our anger because it wasn't proper or you aren't able to show that side of yourself.

When we understand our anger and allow ourselves to feel angry this will show us the path to move forward to process what we are going through.

We all have primary emotions, some of us get sad easily while some of us get angry easily but whatever your primary emotion is, utilize that to find a channel to the other emotions that show us symptoms of our pain.

It must be hard to go through postpartum depression, anxiety and rage. 

As you explained, you're taking care of children while also taking care of your parent, seems that there may be a lot on your plate and it may be hard to focus on yourself once in a while, and difficult to have your needs met and to not feel like you can just take care of yourself or even having a support system around you. 

With the postpartum depression allow yourself to feel what you're going through and grieve. What do you need to grieve but also what are ways you want to heal?

With the depression, what is making you feel sad or losing hope, and what are things that need to happen in your life in order to feel you can overcome?

With the rage, is there a way you can vent? Is there anyone in your life you can talk to where you can release this rage or do you feel like if you do, you won't be understood and you will be judged?

I hope you can find peace and also strength at this time through all of your challenges and that you can begin your journey to healing and hope.

(LMHC, LPC-, Provisional)