I get mad so easily over the smallest things

I always get mad so easily over the smallest things and I don't know why, every time I say I won't do it again. But it happens to me again and again. Can you help me please.
Asked by Dre

Hi Dre.  Thank you for taking that first step to reach out for help.  Anger is an organic way to respond to a threat.  There are several kinds of anger, anger is expressed differently in each one.   

When we are passive aggressive, we may silently harbor angry feelings. By holding in our anger, it will manifest in different ways and not always in response to the person or thing that makes us angry. 

Open aggression is an outward expression often involving verbal and/or physically aggressive behaviors. We say and do things that we cannot easily take back.

Assertive anger is a controlled way to respond to anger and address what is the cause of our angry feelings with open communication. 

Uncover anger triggers.  Anger can be triggered by feeling attacked, having our feelings invalidated, frustration, lack of control, depression, anxiety, stress, environmental and social factors. 

We can control anger by responding, not reacting in difficult situations. When we respond, we take a minute to process and speak.  It's ok to put the pause on a conversation to compose yourself, take a deep breath and formulate your response.  

Suppressing anger can result in misplaced, unresolved feelings.  We need an outlet. Finding healthy expressions of anger is important.  

Express and openly communicate how you are feeling using "I" statements. "I am feeling upset and stressed." 

Take time out for yourself.  Write down your thoughts.  Take a walk.  

Don't bottle your feelings.  Take frustrations out by working out.  The endorphins you generate will calm you and boost your mood.  

It's ok to feel angry.  Anger is a natural human response.  We need to feel our feelings and validate our emotions.  Anger becomes a problem when we don't deal with it and let it affect ourselves and hurt those we are close to. You can learn to express your anger in an appropriate and healthy manner.  

Work one on one with a trained mental health professional.  You will be able to explore your feelings, identify triggers, role play, and learn healthy coping skills in this safe space. 

Wishing you all the best on your self discovery journey.  Keep reaching out for help and work towards your goals of healthy expression.