Why a friendship is better than a relationship?

Asked by Anonymous

Friendships and romantic relationships are both beautiful interactions we get to have in life.  Society tends to promote the importance of relationships and that relationships are somehow better than friendships.  However, friendships can be better than relationships in several ways.  One of the biggest differences that tend to be better is that friendships involve fewer expectations than relationships.  When we are in a relationship, we have a lot of important expectations of our partner.  However, in a friendship, we tend to be more relaxed, and while we do have some expectations, they are not near as heavy.  For example, when we are in a relationship, we might expect our partner to call us multiple times a day to touch base.  When we are in a friendship, we might appreciate calls from a friend, but there would likely not be much of an expectation for it to happen. 

Another difference that can make a friendship better than a relationship is that friendships typically do not involve the complexities of sex.  When we have sex in a relationship, there can be many emotions connected to each very complex person.  The emotions involved in sex take a connection to a deeper level than a friendship does not have to deal with.  

Relationships are great, but they tend to involve a lot of physical closeness and time together.  While it is great to spend time with a friend, it is also nice to have some breaks and space when you need it.  When you are in a relationship, it can be much more dramatic to need space from your partner.  This also points to the fact that you have many more freedoms when you are in a friendship versus a relationship.  There are also fewer obligations when you are in a friendship that can help you feel less stressed.  For example, you might expect your partner to bring you along for things you are invited to when you are in a relationship.  When you are in a friendship, you can enjoy bringing another friend along, but you are not obligated to do so.