How can I better myself and complete the task I want to?

Let’s say I want to complete a certain amount of tasks in a day, what is the best way to achieve my goals daily while having discipline in myself without burning out.
Asked by Sunny

Hello there, what an excellent question you've posed.

Finding and maintaining the balance between productivity/task completion and self care/relaxation & family/social endeavors seems to be a universal task of being human and is a common issue for most folks I work with (myself included :). I rely on evidenced based modalities including motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioral therapy in sessions to identify & prioritize goals and set realistic expectations to allow successes upon which we build continuous growth. Once we understand more about what your desired outcomes are, what motivates you and what your priorities and obligations are, we will begin to build a routine in small steps as we set intentions for behavioral follow through. I will support you to continue actively assessing your experience not only in terms of productivity but also in quality of life. We will practice new habits and gradually establish a routine with structure and built in flexibility that will support self efficacy and enhance value placed on things you want and need to do beyond task completion.  I welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss this process in greater detail. 

Overall,  the short answer is that if you set realistic, achievable goals and establish & maintain boundaries around work/life balance, and consistently check in with yourself to make subsequent choices along the way with your desired outcomes in mind, you can absolutely accomplish anything you can conceptualize.  If you are struggling with implementing some structure and concerned about burnout when home/work lives becomes unbalanced, I suggest that you start by generating a running list of things you do and don't want in your existence (i.e. I require the ability to work remotely because I prioritize being able to be home for my kids' sports games and pick up/drop off at school). That could be helpful as a first step towards understanding what your priorities are and what you need to thrive in all aspects. I do hope this was helpful and wish you success! I appreciate the opportunity to be part of your experience and welcome the chance to work together if and when that makes sense for you. 

Take care,