How can I get confidence to get back to a work place and remove my self doubt?

I can’t afford to sit back at home. Even though I know I need a job, I don’t have the confidence to go for an interview, also having depression. Having self doubts.
Asked by Emily

Hi Emily,

It is very nice to meet you. Thank you for taking the time to send in your question. You ask a wonderful, insightful question. Confidence has to come from within yourself. Your thoughts control your feelings, which control your actions and behaviors. It starts with you reframing the negative thoughts that you are not good enough for the job or that you will not do will in the interview or get that job offer. Reframe that thought and tell yourself that you will do well and you are qualified for  the position. Instead of thinking about and focusing on what could go wrong, think about the reasons you are qualified for the position you are interviewing for. Walk into the interview with your head held high, walk with confidence and assertiveness. Show the interviewer that you are the best person for the job and give reasons why. Identify your positive traits and why the experience that you have makes you the best candidate for the position. 

It is understandable that it feels difficult to start something new and make changes. We can get into our own comfort zones and become complacent. Changing up an existing routine and pattern can feel scary and intimidating. Making the decision to do this takes courage and determination! It sounds like you are motivated and want to get back into the workforce. Some additional things to keep in mind include reminding yourself that you are not going to know everything that there is to know about a job when you first start, and that's okay! We all go through that period of having a learning curve and learning the policies and procedures for any new job we take on. Do not get overwhelmed by this. Remind yourself that it is okay to ask questions if you do not know something or if you need help.

I hope that you have found this information helpful and I wish you all the best moving forward on your journey.

You also indicated having depression. I would also encourage you to work with your care provider, whether it be a psychiatrist or a therapist. They will be able to help you work through these struggles you are experiencing.