Why ambition is attractive?

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The definition of ambition is described as a “strong desire to do or achieve something typically requiring determination and hard work” and “desire and determination to achieve success.” Something that is considered attractive is described as “pleasing or appealing to the senses” and “having beneficial qualities or features that induce someone to accept what is being offered.” This concept of ambition can sometimes be hard to describe to someone who does not necessarily have any but to discuss its attraction might also induce a desire to examine what it means and to try and practice it in life. Ambition seems to emanate from a love of self, love of life, and wanting to further the self in whatever interests motivate them. This idea is very attractive to others because people are attracted to people who have the ambition to become more than what they currently are at the time.

What ambition leads to

Ambition is attractive for a number of reasons. If the idea of potential in a person’s ability is examined, that potential will translate to achievements if ambition is present. For example, a person who might spend their life sitting on the couch, watching television, and eating potato chips isn’t necessarily seen as ambitious. Many people enjoy relaxing but the lack of any goal setting could be an indication of a lack of ambition. They may not be viewed as someone who can be a good partner, working towards the goals of working and being promoted, attending school, living independently, completing projects, starting a family, caring for their body, or traveling.

Ambition looks a lot like…

Ambition is action and the movement of setting goals and achieving them despite obstacles that may come up. Some ambition can lead people to make the wrong choices if their singular desire to achieve pushes aside the needs of others. For the purposes of this content, the focus is on the positive ambition that falls within ethical guidelines. Ambitious people are able to manage failure as part of the process of moving towards their goals and many people find this attractive and even inspirational. Ambition can lead others to move in the same positive direction and make the differences the world needs in all areas of functioning.

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