Do I pay every week? Or is it one time and then get charged every 4 weeks?

I am 27 years old and have for the longest time been wanting to talk to a therapist. Reasons I didn’t start were due to lack of support / money. Instead I turned to self help books, YouTube channels, meditation, working out to help guide me. At the end I still would love to work on key issues
Asked by Vero

Thank you for your question!  It sounds like you have been very proactive in your life by taking advantage of the resources around you that are within you means.  Financial reasons are often ones that prevent people from obtaining the therapy they want.  

As you have done many things that are at your disposal, the self help books, media and working out, it seems you are ready for the next step in your journey toward emotional and mental health.

Betterhelp offers a range of prices from $60 to $90 per week and this is billed every 4 weeks.  It is based on your location, preferences and theraist availablity. Membership can be cancelled at any time. Some people choose to set themselves with a number of months to see how they make progress then opt to take breaks and resume when needed. It is based on your schedule and needs at the time. With a monthly subscription you are eligible for one live session a week and have access to messaging your therapist during the week. This will vary depending on which plan you choose. One of the benefits of using the messaging part of the platform is that you have access 24/7 to a therapist and do not have to wait another week until your scheduled session. Many find that this promotes the growth process as you are able to work on issues in real time and keeps the progress going on a more consistent and regular basis.

For many subscribers, they have found that the cost per week and the services offered, it actually ends up being more cost effective than using insurance or other means due to copays, and other fees that go along with traditional counseling. Some insurances are now also using Betterhelp so that may be an option for you depending on your insurance status. 

Some people opt to subscribe for one week and cancel for one and reactivate in order to have every other week sessions without having to pay for weekly services when they are not being used. So there are creative ways to get the schedule that suits your needs best.

I hope you are able to consider betterhelp as a suitable way to get your needs for therapy met so that you can meet your goals and live the life you hope to live.