I need therapy and assistance, but can’t afford it…

I am needing some assistance to better understand how I can afford better help without insurance. I am going through life struggles, and need guidance
Asked by Askinforinfo


Thank you for reaching out.  This is a concern we often hear from clients.  The good news is that Betterhelp has options that make therapy services available to most clients. Financial worries should not keep someone from reaching out for services.  

Betterhelp offers financial assistance to individuals who have low income or financial needs. When you begin the initial questionnaire, you will be asked about your current employment or financial difficulty.   Completing this section on financial difficulty may result in a greater discount for you.  You will also see a link to apply for financial aid near the payment details.  Click on this link and answer a few questions about your income and ability to pay.  You will then be given an instant response and this is based on good faith representation of your finances. Another option would be to contact customer service to see if you qualify for a discount or financial aid. Please remember that you may need to reapply periodically to continue to receive the lower rate.  Betterhelp will send you a reminder email when it is time to reapply for the financial aid or discount. 

If you still have questions, I would encourage you to reach out to customer service and see what options are available for you.  

In general, the Betterhelp platform costs less than traditional face-to-face therapy services (which can cost between $100-150 per session) and is often cheaper than an insurance co-pay would be as well. Your mental health is important and worth the cost.  The Betterhelp platform offers tools such as an online journal function, access to educational groupings, 24 hours 7 days a week messaging service, and chat, phone and video live sessions.  You are getting exceptional service at a reduced price.  Betterhelp bills monthly, versus weekly and remember you can cancel Betterhelp at any time should you decide that you no longer want services. 

I wish you all the best as you seek services.  Taking this time to work on your "struggles" is well worth the investment.  I believe that you will be able to find an affordable option here at Betterhelp!